Why SMEs should adopt Change Management with a best fit ERP software

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The great philosopher Socrates once rightly said,


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” 


An effective change management is possible when a good idea is transformed into a great one. A systematic all-inclusive and best fit ERP software can bring together all internal communication channels and integrate the business activities to optimize productivity and ROI.


By breaking outdated traditions and habits, you will not only create new opportunities for your business but also explore more scope to innovate.


Implementing a new management system might seem tedious but when it comes to your company’s growth and responsiveness, one should consider the change as necessary. Users need to be inspired to take on the change that the world has adopted in order to be sustainable in the competitive market.


For example, in the task of reorganizing a division in your company, shifting responsibilities, changing lines of authority and remodelling departmental goals are probably the most tangible tasks for your proposed change. These goals need to be supported by company data and made possible through existing management tools. An effective and best fit ERP software makes such change management seamless, consolidated and effective.


To prove this statement we have a list of reasons that advocates the indispensability of ERP software in a growing business.


Expand ERP assures hassle-free ERP implementation:


The first challenge before taking this step of transition is to change the perspective of the people who have accepted themselves in a comfort zone. Pulling them out of this with a new mindset and convincing what is best for the growth of the organization is half the battle won. Traditional SMEs are not ready to change. They have the fear of the unknown. In the fret to adapt to new technology, they miss out on what wonders can be done by taking a small step towards the upliftment of the company.


Most employees in a traditional but growth-oriented organization worry about the environmental adjustments after the change takes place in the business. The concerns are justified. In this blog, we have enlisted the top reasons for SMEs who are just a step away from adopting an ERP implementation at their workplace but are contemplating fearing the change.


Expand ERP, one of the ERP software companies in India is India’s best fit ERP software for SMEs in the Retail and Export industry for the past 16  years. We understand your business needs as much as you do and therefore have curated a single robust best fit ERP system to aid you to enhance your business with ease. Our software is intuitive and intelligent and it grows along with your business.


Top reasons why Expand ERP is the best fit for the evolution of your organization:


  • Accuracy in information – All team members need access to accurate data and information which is imperative to support change management. All team members should have access to the same unified data. An ERP system provides a centralized source of information that all employees access to stay on top of the logistics of any company midsize or large scale. This optimises clarity and transparency among executives, management and team members and results in the better trust factor.


  • Accuracy in communication – For logistical purposes, accuracy in communication is imperative among team members. It is also essential to relay the intent of the change. Without an understanding of the goal from an internal change, the team will lack direction in their new positions and responsibilities. Along with this, each employee should be able to openly communicate with the people in the company who are responsible for the change. An ERP system facilitates this change and ensures free communication in between departments for transparency and accuracy of information among all employees and users.


  • Comprehensive business intelligence – ERP systems indicate where changes need to be made in the company with dynamic tools. Having access to business intelligence reports that involve the activities of all departments can reveal opportunities for process improvement and redistribution of responsibilities. Without a consolidated business management software, these opportunities for change only reveal when profitability is threatened. Well informed executives will have a greater opportunity for success than those driven by an urgent need to preserve the company.


  • Well protected data – Unprotected data is at high risk during internal change. It can be mistranslated, duplicated or simply lost. ERP software identifies immediately such data redundancies and manages to protect information and verify against existing records and is accessible within a protected space. With an ERP change management implementation is done outside of administrative concerns. 


Connecting your company with an ERP solution can support current change initiatives, while also revealing opportunities for future growth. With a best fit ERP solution, change management will be effective, conducive, secured and productive.


  • We at Expand provide training by our Biztech experts for the first time users and are constantly available after-sales for service and support. With Expand Sure Smile be rest assured to share a smile with us after a successful ERP implementation within 28 days. Our team is available 24×7 for your support and help.  


  • Expand Sure Shield offers 100% data security where you can grow your business with complete peace of mind. Data is on the cloud, stored in multiple locations ensuring maximum safety with trusted technology platforms (Microsoft Azure, SQL Server). We provide 99.9% uptime and SSL (encrypted) Data Transmission. 


  • Further, the myth that an ERP implementation involves a huge cost and is unaffordable by SMEs is busted by our Freedom Pricing concept where you pay as you use. There is no huge investment in infrastructure as data is stored in the cloud. The concurrent user fees are based on subscription with an absolute unbelievably reasonable cost. The ROI on such a best in class technology is optimal. 


  • We believe that change is something that has to be brought in and does not occur on its own. The leaders in the organisation have to be inspired and inspiring enough to take on the challenge. Senior leaders in your organisation work as a catalyst to support the change and embody aspirations. The communication has to be clear and well in advance so that all employees can be mentally prepared and well assured of the changes that are going to occur.


  • Furthermore addressing fears and challenges of the employees have to be prioritised. An unhappy employee can act as a source of plague in the work environment resulting in disharmony and unsettled workforce. This can lead to failure in the ERP implementation and also the failure of your company. 


  • Changemakers can begin by comprehending the current work processes of the employees. Also what changes the employees need to make after ERP software implementation is also a concern that project leaders must-have.


The desire to make the shift needs to be instilled with logic and reasoning with time in hand in order to make the change successful. A very crucial factor for proper change management is emotional intelligence. People will only accept persuasion when they find the approach to be empathetic. The correct balance needs to be struck between competency & ambiguity. 


Adopt Expand ERP software, one of the best ERP software companies in India, for a hassle-free and easy betterment of your organization. Book a free trial today to make the change happen fast.

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