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Do you have huge business goals? These are possible to be achieved only when your organization is futuristic. For upscaling and obtaining the desired revenue growth, you need to automate most of the manual processes. Your team will then have more time to plan and implement growth-oriented actions. An agile ERP system is like an information management software that can efficiently handle the day-to-day operations of your business like supply chain operations, project management, accounting, risk management, and even procurement. The software is based on an innovative technology that assists in the digitization of daily processes. It has the ability to provide all the crucial information related to your business that can aid in decision making. The market has been very dynamic for the past few years and the growth of the e-commerce sector has been unstoppable. Businesses are inclining more towards intelligent integration so that all their tasks are done smoothly.


ERP software is one of the best investment decisions you will make for your company’s future. ERP implementation is the future of business technology. Expand smERP has one of the friendliest user interfaces and the services are seamless. Just imagine the amount of time, effort, and money you would be saving by automating all your business back-end functions. All your inventory allocation and marketplace updates will be managed conveniently on a single screen. The software will also manage all your payment returns and reconciliation. The workflow between the different locations of your business will be easily managed through the easy e-way bill generation and upload feature. Even all your accounting records and GST reports will be updated in no time. With cloud PoS, integration of barcode/QR code scanning features enables sales to counter the billing process.


The central warehouse management feature also suggests location on a FIFO basis for the processing of orders. Whether you are in the oil and gas industry and require an automated solution for daily production, monthly billing, and cylinder tracking or a book publishing company that requires futuristic software for stage production, vehicle planning, and consumption tracking, Expand smERP implementation is your best solution. We offer B2C trading solutions for a wide variety of industries like handicraft products, chemical, garments, shutter doors, fabrics, beauty products, sanitary ware, etc. We also assist in the Pick process, Put away process, Handheld terminal scanning, Bin allocation in the warehouse, and other related processes. If you want to accelerate the growth of your organization and sustain it, our software is a must integration into your workspace.

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