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ExpandERP is a customer-centric product. Each member of Team ExpandERP interacts with customers to understand their specific business perspective and deliver exactly what the business needs. Based on customer feedback, ExpandERP offers customization of the product.

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5 Ways to Reduce Downtime: Preventive Measures Every Company can take

Despite having a sturdy infrastructure, there are many organizations which face database, software and hardware downtime which lead to shorter periods of shutting down to longer days of non-functionality. What [...]
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5 Unexpected Things To Expect Before ERP Implementation: Can Selecting Right Vendor Help?

Remember, a good ERP system ‘ideally’ should have an impact on every part of your business. Here we are talking about an ‘ideal’ condition. Reality can be far from ‘ideal’. [...]
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5 Steps to Automate Your Business Workflow

5 Steps to Automate Your Business Workflow Every businessperson hopes to automate a business that is profitable and scalable. However, instead of focusing on creating a robust business model with [...]
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How to Improve Productivity in Manufacturing Industry

How to Improve Productivity in Manufacturing Industry As the old adage goes, time is money. The more production you can squeeze out in a period of time, the more money [...]
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