Inventory Management

Efficiently manage orders, inventory, GST billing, and warehouses with our streamlined solution at Expand smERP. Our system empowers your business for sustained growth and seamless operations, ensuring a hassle-free approach to essential functions.


Key Features Of Inventory Management provided by us

Real-time Inventory Tracking

  • Effortlessly Monitor Your Inventory Anytime, Anywhere. Our Real-Time Tracking Features with Serial Numbers and Lot Tracking Provide Seamless Control at Every Step: Sales, Purchases, Transfers, and Beyond.

Multilocation Support

Manage Your Inventory Across Multiple Locations, All in One Place. Gain a Comprehensive Real-Time Business Insight with Our Multi-Location Support Feature :

  • Easily oversee warehouses, stores, or distribution centers in different locations, like UK, New York, and Los Angeles, all from a single database.
  • Access real-time data for a complete overview of your business, making informed decisions on stock levels, distribution, and more.

Inventory Analysis

Utilize ABC and Aging Analysis for Preventing Overstock and Understock Issues. Our software empowers you to :

  • Perform ABC analysis to categorize items based on their importance and value, helping you prioritize resources and focus on high-impact items.
  • Conduct aging analysis to identify slow-moving or obsolete stock, allowing you to take corrective actions to prevent overstocking and minimize carrying costs.

Barcode and RFID Integration

  • Utilize barcodes for all inventory transactions, ensuring precise tracking and transparency
  • Speed up data entry by scanning barcodes for quick product details retrieval.
  • Streamline production floor processes by entering inventory issues and receipts through a mobile app, reducing production preparation time.

Inventory Valuation

  • Our software streamlines inventory valuation, providing businesses with accurate insights into the value of their stock.
  • Make informed financial decisions based on real-time valuation data, helping optimize budgets and resources.

Multi-channel Sales

  • Seamlessly manage inventory across diverse sales channels, such as e-commerce platforms, physical stores, and beyond.
  • Lots and Batch Management
  • Multiple Units of Measurement Zone, Location Management and Transfers
  • Our software goes the extra mile with Amazon integration support, enabling businesses to synchronize and streamline inventory management for even broader market reach

Company’s commitment to providing efficient inventory control

At Expand smERP we're dedicated to streamlining your inventory management. Our commitment is to ensure you have the tools to optimize stock levels, cut costs, and enhance overall efficiency. With us, experience real-time visibility and simplified order fulfillment, minimizing the risk of overstocks or stockouts. Trust us to be your partner in achieving precise and efficient inventory control, a key to sustained growth and customer satisfaction.


Benefits of using Expand smERP to manage your Inventory

Real-time reflection of Stock-in-Hand and Free Stock:
  • Instant Decision-Making : Having a real-time view of both physical stock and unreserved stock enables quick decision-making on requisitions and procurement, ensuring that inventory needs are met promptly without unnecessary delays.
  • Optimized Stock Utilization : By knowing the availability of free stock in real-time, businesses can optimize the utilization of existing resources, preventing overstocking or stockouts.

Complete Visibility over Goods Movement:
  • Quantitative and Financial Tracking : Modern inventory systems offer transparency not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of the financial value of the goods. This transparency aids in accurate financial reporting and budget management.
  • Traceability : Businesses can trace the movement of goods from procurement to delivery, enhancing accountability and facilitating quick identification and resolution of any discrepancies.

Inventory Ageing with Notifications:
  • Shelf Life Management : Implementing inventory ageing features allows businesses to track the expiration dates of products. Notifications for ageing inventory enable proactive management, reducing the risk of selling or using expired products.
  • Preventive Action : Notifications can trigger timely actions such as promotions or discounts on products nearing expiry, minimizing losses due to unsellable inventory.

Reorder and Reminder Level Alerts:
  • Timely Replenishment : Setting reorder and reminder level alerts ensures that businesses are alerted when inventory levels drop below a certain threshold. This proactive approach helps in preventing stockouts and maintaining optimal stock levels.
  • Cost Savings : Avoiding emergency orders by timely replenishment based on alerts can help businesses negotiate better deals with suppliers and reduce expedited shipping costs.

Absolute Control through Batch, Serial, Barcode, or QR:
  • Precision in Tracking : Mandating the use of batch, serial, barcode, or QR code technology ensures precise tracking of individual items. This level of control enhances accuracy in inventory management and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Efficient Traceability : The use of identification technologies allows for efficient traceability, simplifying processes like recalls and providing valuable insights into product movement and usage.