• Report Customization : Expand smERP’s reports module is geared with all major reporting needs. All customized requirements relevant to your business could easily be incorporated in the system
  • On Call Support and Training : Expand smERP provides active on-call support to the clients during the regular working hours. Our ERP users could get their queries resolved immediately on the first call. They could also schedule for our on-call presence after working hours by providing prior notice.
  • Workflow Customization : Our flexibility is our strength. Expand smERP is capable of modifying the process workflows to be parallel with your business. We accommodate to your way of doing business and provide your business the impetus to grow.


With a track record of swift and seamless implementations, our team demonstrates unparalleled efficiency in deploying solutions. Our organised approach ensures not only quick integration but also maximized effectiveness, ensuring clients experience the full benefits of our solutions from day one.


Implementation / Customization

Cloud Setup / Database and Backup :

Expand smERP’s team help the clients in setting up their cloud storage and backing up their data on cloud storage. The cloud storage can be easily accessed by users remotely.

SRS. Review Current Processes :

Expand smERP’s business analysts helps in reviewing the client’s request for proposal. The team also helps clients in outlining the scope of business requirements if needed.

Prepare Final Blue Print and Sign off :

Expand smERP’s team provides a final blueprint of the software to the clients. They help the clients with any further updates or customizations whenever required.

Complete Customization :

Expand smERP offers complete customization for its clients. All the clients need to do is specify their requirements and Expand smERP’s team can provide a completely customized look for them.

Core User Acceptance :

Expand smERP’s team assists the core users from the client’s side in understanding the software processes after the customization and implementation processes are over.

Complete the Change Requests :

Expand smERP’s team always put the clients first. Our team can make all the necessary changes as requested by the client.

Configuration, Data setup, Data migration, Security and User Setup :

Expand smERP’s team takes care of the configuration, data setup, data migration, security, as well as user setup for the clients. The team takes care of the processes from end to end to ensure a smooth experience for their users.

One Consolidated Change Request and Sign off :

Expand smERP’s team can make all necessary changes required by the clients. The clients just have to send one consolidated request for changes and the team can make the necessary changes.

Core User Training :

Expand smERP’s team provides training to the core users of the ERP application tools. The team is also available in case the clients have any queries later.

Go Live :

Expand smERP offers end-to-end solutions. We are there by the client’s side until they go live.

The Road to Efficient ERP Implementation

Key Benefits in Expand ERP for Manufacturer

  • Understand Challenges: Our business expert helps you list out current challenges in business. We try to identify areas of improvement through Cloud ERP.
  • Sign up: We setup your cloud erp service and schedule visits to study scope and customisation (if any).
  • Training, hand holding: We identify performers and make your team self reliant.
  • Demonstration: Our sales will schedule online product demonstration and discuss possible solutions to improve your processes.
  • Migration: Our product expert helps you migrate master data with help of ready templates.
  • 24x7 support: Remote desktop and ticket based support is provided round the clock. Our tech team ensures 99.9% server uptime, backup, updates and upgrades.

Automate your business with the right ERP solution provider.

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