Partner Program

Why Join the Expand smERP Program?

Let’s join hands. We are looking for exciting partners from across the globe to help you realize your full business potential in the software industry. Explore our flexible partnership opportunities and get onboard. One size doesn’t fit all. You can choose to customize and integrate Expand smERP depending on what is best required for your business.

Build a business which will generate excellent revenue, increase sales and create a niche market for your product/service offering. Expand your current portfolio of offerings with Expand smERP.

Deliver custom solutions which will add value to customer relationship management, enhance customer loyalty and build on your reputation in the technology sector. Innovate, develop expertise and grow with us.

Expand smERP ensures partner success through collaboration. When you are part of this structured partner engagement program, you will have immediate access to resources and benefits tailored for your business requirements.

Existing Partners

Strategic Services is a Kolkata-based consulting company which offers SAP solutions and other Enterprise applications to mid-size and large companies. Strategic founding members are from IBM, PwC and SAP background who have vast experiences in providing consultancy services to global corporations. Partnering with eDominer, the company brings one of the best cloud-ERP solutions combined with consultancy experience to deliver unparallel value to its customers in mid-market.

How does the Program Work

When you want to stand out from the crowd and have an edge over competitors for sustainable growth, the best way to do it is by identify the futuristic technology partners and associate with them. Today everything is moving towards cloud and exciting times are ahead for cloud-based ERP software.

  • We have the experience

    We understand the requirement of our customers; we speak their language. It is our aim to simplify the existing complexity, innovate so that our partners are always ahead in business. Committed to target achievement, we believe in creating a difference to your business through an initial payment of fees.

  • Partner Benefits and Requirements

    When you are focused on upselling solutions to present customers and acquire new customers, you need to focus on Expand smERP. You can achieve competency on Expand smERP and get access to the demo system of the software. We organize a training on ERP of a dedicated resource for sales purpose.

  • Support from ExpandERP

    We provide the training materials and videos along with presales marketing materials. Local workshops and seminars are organized by eDominer for your advantage. Other kinds of support for our partners include digital media marketing support and inside sales support for lead generation.

  • Partner Takeaway

    We will help you to generate sales-based revenue on slab structure on target achievement. You will have better visibility across partner network. You will be provided market survey and post sales customer testimonials and feedback.


You can achieve your market position and attain new heights and visibility in Enterprise Solutions space. This program is ever evolving. This program will be updated with new and important details from time to time. Subscribe for any information on the program or latest updates from ExpandERP.