Centralise your data in Exports, Inventory and Accounts for complete control and efficient reporting.

Why choose us

Expand smERP is easy to use and the only software with export documentation + accounting + production on a single control software ,you do not need set into .single multiple software and do complex integration


Simplify your Export Documentation with one click Reports

Capturing Buyer PO information from Excel spreadsheets, preparing packing lists and invoices can take hours. We can help you save more than 50% of your time and resources in preparing these documents. It is simple and easy to generate, store and retrieve it as and when required. You can also provide buyers with a portal access to see it by themselves. One click email and digital signature makes your company outlook more professional.

3 Reasons why Exporters need ERP

  • Financial reporting accuracy
  • Enhances speed and agility
  • Details of shipment

Single Software

 the best erp software

Export Documentation

the best erp software

Automation Accounts

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Production & Subcategory

What if you could reduce 70% of your workload…!!

export documentation

Export Documentation

PI/LC Invoice,packing list, shipping bill incentive tracking, FIRC and more all managed from system with reminder due date simplfies everything

Subcontractor Management

Issue of work order and geting the material in a timely manner through realtime visiblity of outstanding ensures there are no delay in shipment.


Quality check

Define the qc check list in the product (SKU) master to ensures the material is check is every issue and received and the product do not get rejected.