In a globalized economy, exporting businesses encounter unique challenges. Our platform is designed to address these challenges, providing tailored tools to optimize operations, ensure compliance, and facilitate smooth global trade.


Documentation with just a click

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5 Highlight features to organize your daily work

  • Save over 50% of time and resources on document preparation
  • Effortlessly capture Buyer Purchase Order info from Spreadsheets.
  • Generate, attach, and retrieve documents easily.
  • Provide buyers with portal access for independent document viewing.
  • Enhance professionalism with one-click email and digital signatures.

Why choose us

Expand sm ERP stands out for its user-friendly interface and unique capability as an all-in-one solution encompassing export documentation, accounting, and production controls within a single software platform. This eliminates the need for multiple standalone applications and intricate integration processes, streamlining your operations and making the management of export-related tasks, accounting functions, and production processes more efficient and seamless.


Single Software

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Production &

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Subcontractor Management

Efficient subcontractor management is crucial for ensuring a smooth workflow in any project. Our system simplifies this process by facilitating :

  • Work Order Efficiency: Swift issuance for clear task communication.
  • Timely Material Procurement: Ensures materials are acquired promptly.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Stay informed on outstanding orders instantly.

Export Documentation

Streamline your export operations with our system, offering efficient management of crucial export documents (PI, LC, Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Bill), seamless tracking of incentives, automatic due date reminders for timely submissions, integrated FIRC management for documenting and verifying foreign inward remittances, and a simplified workflow through a user-friendly interface—ensuring comprehensive and organized export management.

Quality Check

Establish a Quality Control (QC) checklist in the Product (SKU) master to ensure rigorous inspection with every issue and receipt. This proactive approach aims to prevent product rejections by establishing comprehensive quality standards throughout the supply chain. The system ensures that each material transaction, whether in issuing or receiving, adheres to the specified quality parameters.

  • File Attachment : Attach any document with any transaction that instant retrieval as reference
  • Product Catalogue : Organize and share your photo offers through mobile app.
  • Container Tracking : Get real-time ETA based on satellite tracking through 3rd party integration with marine traffic.
  • Picture search : Instantly narrow down your search in your catalogue of thousand of Sku
  • EAN13 barcode & QR code : Print and scan all standard barcode for error free transaction
  • GST, eInvoice : Create gst invoice onclick e invoice and irn generation

Give Your Business The Best Tools

Timely export order entries into the system has allowed companies to plan out their production or procurement activities well in advance.

Single system for everything exports – documentation, post shipment and financial accounting. Companies do not have to manage separate spreadsheets for various activities

Flexibility to validate accounting entries with exchange rate present in the Shipping Bill have ensured company accountants to book the exact value of export sales.

Auto-computation of ‘fluctuation due to difference in exchange rate’, has reduced significant amounts of time spent on manually calculating the exchange rate and entering it into the system.

Tracking of the various export incentives with their values has also become easier since they are being entered as additional information in the shipping bills section.

Packing credit availed and it’s utilisation along with balances and interest has become easier to track as they are being tagged with the realisation or discounting of bills.

Single Integrated Software to run your entire business online