ERP Software for the Drinks Industry

Cloud ERP for Liquor & Beverages industry
with complete GST Accounting

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Best ERP for Exporter

What if you could reduce 70% of your workload…!!

Eliminate Excel

Create orders and the complete workflow like delivery note, Invoice from ERP and get all status report on a click, no wasting of time on preparing spreadsheet.

Mobile App MIS

Business owner can get any
information related to production, dispatch or debtors on the
Mobile App. This gives accurate
and real-time information saving
about 30% of management time.

Important Document

All reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or Word. It can be digitally signed and emailed directly from ERP. User can scan and attach important document with any transaction like invoice or goods inward invoice or a voucher.

How about securing all your documents for lifetime…!!

HTTPS Based Security

256-bit secure socket layer for encrypted communication.

Cloud Storage

World class data center with 99% up-time, redundant and geographical backup.

Digital Signature

Sign all your documents digitally during your transaction in export business.

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Manage Distributor Orders and Credit

ExpandERP has strong credit control feature. User can set stop invoicing on amount and days. System provides sms based notifications to customers on exceeding limits. The system also provides features to override restrictions based on user rights. Get all the aging reports automatically emailed to management for tracking. These various reports can take days to prepare on spreadsheet. It saves huge amount of time through automation. System provides information based on region, location and even representative for easy reviewing..


Save 30% time with ExpandERP

Save 30% time, when ExpandERP gives all necessary reports on a click and can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis. In typical scenario without ERP every person manages 100s of spreadsheets. Once the data crosses over few 100 rows and columns it becomes extremely time consuming. Further to track the updated version and sharing of spreadsheet is a nightmare and unsecured.

Order Management

ERP gives instant information on the status of orders and allows production to plan for material based on order position. The system can alert on pricing, credit limit and various other checks that will require enormous time to verify which is the reason of delay in order processing. Avoid delays in shipment and become more efficient.


Be Efficient, Know your Credits

A business should always be aware of it’s outstanding in the market and also properly managing its creditors. Otherwise, it’s bound to get affected. ExpandERP ensures that there is no excess invoicing by sales to meet numbers. The system is able to send automated reminders to the customers for payments and also sends ledger details to a sales rep for follow up. This basic technique can save more than 20% time for the owner.

No trouble with GST

The fast phase of digitization of any business is bringing the extra effort on keeping the data of your all compliances in a proper manner. ExpandERP will give you all the necessary reporting for monthly GST uploads and all reconciliations of your purchases.


Shift in Business Conduction

Industry 4.0 brings in complete shift in how business is conducted. AI and machine learning are disrupting the most profitable businesses. The past has repeatedly shown that survival and success is with those who accept change and improvise with help of technology. It is highly recommended to become more process driven to achieve higher productivity.

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