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  • Overview

Country/Region    :  India

Industry                :  Color Coated Profiles, Roller Door and Industrial Shutters

Customer Profile  :  Duraroofis

Business Situation: Duraroof managed their business majorly on excel and Tally. As the production unit and head office were at distinct locations there was no reliable mechanism to track the activities happening at the factory unit apart from manually calling the staff and taking timely updates. As they deal in order to production process, each size of Product is uniquely prepared for a particular customer only which requires appropriate tracking of the Input Product involved in producing the output.

Solution               :  Expand ERP makes it available tocontrol the entire business from any

Location. The smart automation does not require entering same set of data at multiple instances. One click reports provides the relevant data to the key users thus sparing the manual effort of collecting information from different sources within the company. Expand ERP made it possible for user to send reports to client directly from ERP on one click and recording of entry only once on system and tagging of document copies all the relevant document details (reduction in Duplication). For E.g. – While performing Goods Receipt note entry, tagging of Purchase Order copies records such as PO Number, Date, Due Date, Vendor Name, Terms and Conditions, Product Details etc in Goods receipt Note entry screen.


  • All business activity tracking anytime from any location as the system is on cloud.
  • Removal of data redundancy and duplication of efforts.
  • Full blown production workflow which is traceable batch wise.
  • Approval system for the documents created
  • Segregation of Service Invoice with product and without products.
  • Full blown HR/Payroll Workflow which can also be integrated with bio-metric attendance.

Special Features

  • One click document generation and emailing with file attachment feature.
  • Daily Mail Trigger for Credit List Days Reminder and Credit List Amount Reminder. Activity Mail reminder such as Production process completion reminder.
  • Products can be maintained in multiple Unit of Measurements such as Inventory (Stock) can be maintained in KG’s, Sales order/Invoice can be made in Sq. Metre.

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