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ERP Software for Handicraft Industry

The handicrafts have evolved over the centuries, acquiring its present form which is aesthetically pleasing and culturally valuable. The folklores, the dialects, and the tribal lifestyles have inspired the prints. These handicrafts have, thus, shaped the value systems and the vision of the society. People from international countries come to India to Buy Indian Handicraft and decorate their houses with it. Many foreigners buy items from Handicraft Wholesaler In India and sell them in their place. Manufacturers and Exporters of Indian Handicraft are seeing a bright future of their work in the coming future too. With the help of the internet the life of manufacturers becomes easy and also it is beneficial for customers. Now, they don’t have to visit India, especially to buy such items. They can explore the Marble God Goddess Manufacturer In India on their websites and order whatever they want. The respective company will deliver them in front of their door. A best fit ERP software for handicraft industry can easily manage this process and ease the work of the manufacturer and exporter of handicrafts.

Challenges faced and solved by ERP of a handicraft industry: 


  1. Sales – Maintains database and sales list digitally
  2. Purchase – deals with purchase quotation and shipment tracking
  3. Shift Management – Manages HR shifts and payroll with ease.
  4. Task Management – Follows up and enlists tasks delegated to employees
  5. Visitors – Segregates visitors digitally to reduce chaos and mismanagement
  6. Inventory Management – Tracking inventory and keeping a report regularly
  7. Accounting – Managing finance and accounts and validation of invoices from one place
  8. Quality Management – looks after the quality of products to maintain a standard
  9. Information Dissipation – provides a notice board for all employees for effective and timely communication

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The ERP software can be laden with features to combat specific problems. In addition to all the benefits enlisted, the unique selling proposition of a best-fit cloud ERP software is that all information can be accessed by the user anytime and anywhere.

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