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Founder’s Note:

Dear Patron,


In times of uncertainty and unprecedented turmoil, this comes to you with deep concern and solidarity. We at Expand smERP ensure that we will take care of your business operations while you can freely protect yourself and your family. The terror strikes again and we all are  struggling our own battles in some way or the other. However, as the show must go on, we learn how to adjust and manage in any adverse situation. This is the power that the Almighty bestows upon us humans and gives us the strength to become superhumans in times like this.


Our team is working remotely and making all arrangements so that you and your business can operate seamlessly in the new normal.You have nothing to be afraid of.Your business is in safe hands and can be operated remotely with 100% real time data on a secured Microsoft Azure platform. Our biztech experts are incessantly brainstorming  to add new technologies and integrations that will add more value to your business growth. In this edition of Expand Express we have highlighted the best usage of ERP software in your business and the top tools of Expand smERP to be used while working remotely. I sincerely convey my prayers for you and your family. May you be safe and well. Always by your side.


Vineet Bansal

CEO, eDominer Technologies (P) lTD.

“Your life does not get better by chance. Your life gets better by change.”

 – Jim Rohn 


A systematic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution  had already become the backbone of large businesses a long time ago. Now even MSMEs are opting to automate their businesses.The current situation of the world has only increased the relevance of ERP systems by helping companies withstand the significant pressure to meet customer demands on time. In this new normal, employees need to  work from home because of social distancing norms. ERP systems are playing a significant role in allowing them to work flawlessly from geographically distant locations. They also manage critical functions across all departments, including sales & marketing, finance & accounting, supply chain, vendor management, and maintaining robust and long-lasting customer relationships.It is an indispensable technology or software without which it is impossible to run your business in the competitive market.

Further,the second wave of pandemic globally has proved that the virus is showing no signs of slowing down. People are falling sick and the fatality rate is soaring rapidly. This means that the remote work culture will only strengthen in the future. ERP systems provide an effective solution to this problem by allowing multiple business departments to collaborate and work as a cohesive force.It is imperative to adopt a best fit ERP solution to manage your organisation and sustain in this market scenario.

How do ERP systems enable companies to work effectively in the pandemic ?


The rise of the On-Cloud ERP 

On-Premise ERP solutions are legacy software systems that require significant investments in infrastructure and hardware. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are immobile, meaning employees cannot access them on their mobile devices. Suppose your salesperson has to collect essential documents from the customer. In that case, he will have to visit the customer’s place, collect the papers, come back to the office, and upload the documents in the ERP system.

Unfortunately, almost all countries went through a series of lockdowns where transport facilities were restricted, and moving from one location to another was virtually impossible. The new normal will see the rise of On-Cloud ERP systems as they allow businesses to function from geographically distant locations. Coming back to the example mentioned above, the Cloud-based ERP software will enable the salesperson to collect and upload the customer’s documents from their office premises only.

Advantages of On-Cloud ERP systems:

  1. They provide a comprehensive overview of the inventory and warehouse to all business stakeholders.
  2. They share real-time reports that help to brainstorm effective strategies.
  3. They allow small businesses to set up an ERP system without investing substantially in labor and hardware costs.Low infrastructure costs allow even small business owners to adopt ERP software.
  4. They update faster without any production interruptions and security vulnerabilities.
  5. They enhance production speed and allow  businesses to expand at a fast pace.

ERP systems dominating the healthcare industry 

The healthcare industry has been under extreme pressure since the beginning of the pandemic. Doctors, nurses, virologists, and healthcare staff have been working 24/7 to develop vaccines, provide medical treatment, and issue emergency guidelines whenever required.

ERP softwares are helping  medical institutions immensely in the following ways:

  1. They are efficiently managing  the front desk by obtaining essential information such as appointment timings, bed availability, doctor schedule, etc.
  2. They are allowing the healthcare staff to manage inventory in an orderly fashion, from placing orders for lab coats, surgical instruments, and medical cartons to sending daily reminders and alerts to vendors, suppliers, and distributors.
  3. They are helping to reduce operational expenditure by managing ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) costs, reducing long waiting times in ques, decreasing operating room times, and eliminating infection and medical errors.
  4. They are also allowing physically disabled patients to have virtual interaction with doctors in real-time, thereby eliminating the need for a face-to-face meeting.
  5. They are enabling doctors to collect vital health information about the patients using remote monitoring devices and smart wearables.

Transformation of the supply chain industry with a best fit ERP system

The supply chain industry involves multiple partners working together to deliver the final product to the end-consumer. It essentially involves thractors:

  1. The vendor supplying raw materials.
  2. The company converted raw materials into finished products.
  3. The distributor delivering the finished products to the end-user.

We all know that the pandemic had forced restrictions on people and goods’ movement from one location to another, which impacted supply chains worldwide. ERP systems played a significant role in bringing business functions back to normal in the following ways:

  1. They help build supply chain towers that use Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to identify potential challenges and find efficient resolutions for them.
  2. They allow supply chain companies to manage their activities across multiple channels, including retail, e-Commerce, and direct-to-door service. In short, it helps them to increase their revenues and cut operational costs.
  3. IoT-enabled ERP systems allow supply chain companies to instantly share real-time updates and information with different business stakeholders. 
  4. They allow supply chain companies to interact with customers and collect their feedback to increase the company’s reputation.

The past year and a half  has transformed the business landscape across the world. Digital revolution is destined and companies that fail to catch up will have to shut down their doors. What are you waiting for? Today is the right time for you to invest in ERP systems to improve your productivity, increase revenues, cut down operational expenses, and strengthen market competence. In case you still have not deployed a best fit ERP software, call us at Expand smERP and we will arrange a best fitment test for you.

“The great growling engine of change – technology.” – Alvin Toffler


Organisations pan India, are implementing facilities and programs to help their employees work remotely. With the pandemic spreading like fire,it’s likely that remote work will remain a trend for the year to come as countries try to flatten the curve of exposure. In light of a possible new status quo, here are a few must have  tools to ease working from home and to make the change easier for manufacturing companies to run their organisation smoothly.

The idea of operating your business online and transitioning your employees to remote work can seem daunting. With any upheaval of the traditional on-site work experience, there is a learning curve and transition period that can be perplexing to managers. While it is necessary to address these concerns and note the challenges faced, it is also important to acknowledge that online businesses and remote work are here to stay. 

By creating a remote work policy at your company, you will be communicating to your existing employees that their personal productivity and happiness is a priority. When you retain and hire skilled, innovative employees with your comprehensive remote work policy, you’ll be inadvertently building a more diverse and inclusive workforce with lower overheads. To be successful in your market, it is critical to have an insight of what your customers need. In this increasingly tech savvy modern workforce, those needs often include an expectation that your product or services are available online. If you are waiting for the day your customers tell you that they want you to move online, you’ve already lost them. In addition to retaining your existing customers, expanding your visibility by moving online guarantees that you will reach new potential ones. Thus, it is proven that in order to sustain this market, moving online is the only option.

A best fit ERP software which is robust, comprehensive, agile and homegrown is the one solution that solves all your requirements. Expand smERP is India’s best fit ERP software for the mid sized manufacturers in the export and retail industry. We have been empowering several growth-seeking companies over the past 15 years with trust and loyalty. Expand ERP software offers an array of features along with ready integrations to help you run your company with one single software system.

In this article we will be citing few of our best tools that you would require to work from home and operate your business completely online:


 WhatsApp  integrated with your ERP !

With the advancement of technology each day, the newest trend in ERP software is the WhatsApp integration with ERP. Effective communication is a crucial aspect of every business. In the work environment, it creates unity, sharing of feedback, improved customer relations, employee engagement and enhanced innovation. However, in the daily grind, communication often gets missed. Users might forget to communicate important aspects among each other or customers. They may not send invoices after selling goods, or purchase orders after placing an order or might not inform others to complete their tasks once they have completed their own. This affects the business process in several ways – payment collection gets delayed, because ledgers didn’t get sent when customers asked for them, purchase orders may have not been received on time etc. Revenues get affected, operations and transactions get stagnant resulting in mayhem in management.This scenario can be totally avoided by the implementation of WhatsApp integrated to your ERP business software.


It is undeniably the quickest and most widely used communication tool in the Indian business market. Now, the integration of ERP – the ultimate business automation software integrated with the quickest communication App together will create magic.

The way it works :-

Step 1: Through a downloadable connector, a whatsApp activation mechanism should be set.

Step 2:   Once activated, a QR Code scanner will open up in your ERP desktop.

Step 3: The QR Code can be scanned using WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 4: This will allow you to use WhatsApp to send messages and documents directly from   your ERP


5 innovative mobile Applications – 

The good news is even our best fit ERP software is available on your mobile phone now.A legacy system fails to offer you the accessibility, the reach or even the collaboration that a mobile-enabled ERP provides. It is a solution that is created uniquely for mobile accessibility in terms of data dissection.


An ERP software in your pocket is not just an innovation but an absolute necessity. Manufacturing businesses today require an intelligent and responsive mobile-enabled ERP solution to respond and resolve any issue to sustain competition and be easily reachable. This would further aid your entire supply chain to adapt instantly to sidestep any obstacles or adapt to potential requirements. 


Mobile Apps available for Expand smERP licensed users are:

  1. Remote HR on your mobile – Register attendance and many more HR activities through Expand HR App.
  2. Systematic Warehouse Management with Expand WMS- Track your Inventory with WMS integrated with Expand ERP Android App available at our Playstore. 
  3. Online Lead generation with Expand Sales – A multi-feature ERP        application for Expand users managing business on-the-go. 
  4. Remote Task Management with Expand Service – Manage your    to-do-list and miscellaneous tasks from a single multi feature App.
  5. Document management with Expand File Attachment  – Affix all important documents with Expand File Attachment integrated in Android mobile App 


Lead Management software or mobile application:

It is imperative to manage leads and sales of your business diligently for ultimate growth and ROI. Without customers there is no business and without business an organisation is dead, no matter how organised or good the product is. Taking control of your sales process, reaching out to leads at the right time and converting them into actual opportunities by staying focused on your best deals will ensure an edge above in the competitive market. To add to your efficiency an intuitive Sales and Lead management software like Expand smERP software helps you sell smarter. 


Leads Management module of Expand smERP software allows you to monitor and optimize every interaction. Not only does an automated sales management system provide easy tracking of information,  it also automates repetitive tasks so that efficiency and productivity can be significantly improved.


Third party marketplace integrations – 

Expand smERP is fully integrated with ecommerce systems such as Magento, Shopify, eBay, Amazon. Future-ready solutions packed with features offer customers modern, practical and convenient solutions. From real-time inventory information, personalized service, and multiple self-service options, to compatibility with different platforms and devices, the solution has all that it takes to offer a truly omnichannel experience. Highly secure payment gateways, advanced back end workflows, and a whole range of tools help customize modules for superior results.

Information flow becomes easier in your organisation with integration tools.Technology is not just the enabler of new experiences in the digital era, but a bridge of seamless integrations that enhance customer experience. Retailers earlier relied on multiple channels of engagement with customers that worked independently of each other. Typically, brands that were available online as well as in-store treated each channel as separate. Online purchases of a product could only be dealt through online interactions, while in-store purchases had nothing to do with online interactions. This multichannel engagement deprived customers of the advantage of dealing with a brand that was available in different channels.


Logistics –

Warehouse automation software of Expand smERP  comes with pre-integrated shipment partners. You can choose the desired logistics partner and assign the delivery of orders.There is no need for more hunting for shipment partners, negotiations and following up. With one click you can assign the order shipment and track it.

As we all know that the shipping and logistics industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world & over 90% of transportation and trade is carried via shipping and logistics. Without shipping and logistics, import & export of bulk goods & amenities across the world would not be possible.

For managing all these processes, the company needs a robust and a scalable solution which will give the company a single view of all their processes and prepare reports according to what the management wants. Customized reports, seamless processes and actionable data helping make strategic decisions on the go is what the management should look at while getting a business solution.Expand smERP has partnered with Blue dart and Shiprocket for the logistics and shipment to make it easier for your export company to deliver products hasslefree.


Easy Payment Gateway – 

Like all modern online marketplaces for eCommerce business, Expand ERPs shopping cart is readily integrated with payment gateways like Paytm and Cashfree for easy payments and reliable money transactions. By partnering with third party integrations, it makes it easier for you and your customers to carry out monetary transactions with ease and faster. 

Moving your business online is a concentrated effort that is well worth the time and energy. Taking the essential steps to move to remote-friendly operations will actually help your business grow and thrive, improve communication at your company, and show opportunities for growth that may have been hidden in the day-to-day. You may find that taking these steps will get you closer to your goals than ever before. So it’s time you gifted your business with this magic tool and watch it grow like never before.


Shopify revenue jumps 110% amid pandemic-driven online sales boom

Canada’s Shopify Inc, on Wednesday smashed first-quarter profit and revenue estimates on resilient demand for the company’s e-commerce platform from businesses despite a gradual opening of economies.The company, which provides infrastructure for retailers to set up their stores online, emerged as a pandemic winner with revenue soaring 86 per cent last year from 2019 and shares nearly doubling to make it Canada’s most valuable firm.U.S.-listed shares of the Ottawa-based company rose nearly five per cent in early trading on Wednesday, while its Canadian stock gained four per cent.


Apple launches new iPad Pro, slim iMacs with remote workers in mind

Apple announced a line of slim iMac computers and iPads with higher-quality video that use its own processors, as it speeds its migration away from Intel and caters to a work-from-home world.The company also launched products including AirTags to find lost items and podcast subscription services. AirTags will cost US$29 each, while the iMac will start at US$1,299. Both will be available starting 8 a.m. ET (1200 GMT) on April 30.The wide variety of announcements largely had been telegraphed before the presentation, which had no major surprises. Shares of Apple were down 1.3 per cent, slightly more than the one per cent drop in the Nasdaq index.


Patron’s Note:

It was a great learning experience for me. Expand smERP system has wide range of tools and techniques to implement different business processes at an ease. Thanks eDominer for coming up with such a fruitful and user friendly system. – By a student of IISWBM

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