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Founder’s Note:

CEO - Expand Erp
A warm welcome to all our patrons and subscribers. 2019 is coming to an end and we would love to bid adieu to it on a sweet note. I am humbled to announce the launch of our monthly newsletter “Expand Express”. This will be a platform from our end to reach out to you with our latest technologies and innovations. It has been curated with useful news and information on cutting edge technology for business growth, innovations, industry insights and many more.We are relentlessly working to create awareness about ERP and Cloud technology through various media of communication such as newsletters, blogs and social media posts to partner you in the path towards digital automation. At Expand ERP, our goal is to bring advanced technology at your doorstep to enable your business processes to become more competent and proficient. Hope our Expand Express will prove as a useful tool in your journey towards growth. Please send us your feedback if this issue has been of value to you. We would be obliged to receive your valued suggestions for our forthcoming issue. Please write to us at info@edominer.com
Wishing more power to you!
Vineet Bansal
CEO, Founder

Why Cloud ERP ?

This is the right time for you to deploy a Cloud ERP?

Advancement in technology evolved the concept of ERP and gave rise to Cloud ERP. In recent years, e-commerce and cloud migration have been two of the biggest innovations of ERP providers. Many business owners are satisfied with the little quirks of their business system they’ve grown accustomed to. But there comes a time when you must take a hard look at whether those little quirks are preventing your company from satisfying more customers. Your ERP should, at a minimum, support your company’s growth and not impede your extended reach into more markets. Staying competitive requires easy-to-use, real-time access that makes your sales team more valuable to their customers. 


Here are the top 4 irresistible reasons for you to adopt Cloud ERP:

  • Easy implementation in comparison to the traditional on-premise ERP
  • Cost effective as there is no upfront capital investment involved.
  • Flexible, accessible and easy to integrate
  • Enhanced security of database with secure encryptions.
  • Improved performances with increase in scalability. It runs on strict SLAs and standard procedures, leading to fewer downtimes and increased speed.

For real-time visibility of your business from anywhere, anytime upgrade to the best in class cloud ERP solution for manufacturers. With over 15 years of extensive R&D and market testing our home grown Expand ERP effectively takes care of all your business process needs. Expand ERP is a comprehensive, scalable, customizable, cloud-based ERP solution for fast growing manufacturers and exporters. We are the direct developers and implementers of the software and there is no third-party involvement. Thus, we ensure complete peace of mind. Initiate a smooth and hassle-free digital transition journey on cloud for your business with us. To know more about Expand ERP or to book a demo call: +91 9007026542

For The Love of Technology

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”
-Tony Robbins

The journey to success was never a piece of cake for Vineet Bansal, CEO and Founder, eDominer. He started his career as an entrepreneur after quitting his well paid job in the U.K. Born in a business family, with qualifications of a Microsoft certified professional software engineer, added light to his career and entrepreneurship. He began his career in a U.K based software company, but brought back to the country the acumen of a Microsoft certified technocrat and innovations in the technology industry. His company eDominer Technologies, was the first to introduce ERP on the web and now for over 15 years, it is a trusted ERP solution provider pan India. Expand ERP pioneered the concept of web-based online ERP way back in 2008 and today it offers a complete suite of solutions to manage business processes from beginning to end.


The inception began in 2005. Internet was still farfetched. Overcoming challenges by lease lines, WAN and eDominer started providing useful web-based solutions to select customers. The software was re-launched as Expand ERP in 2008. It provided offline solutions, where access to the internet was limited.  15 years down the line, Expand ERP pioneers in Cloud based business Application on Microsoft Azure. It is designed and developed for fast growing businesses in the manufacturing & export sector. Expand ERP is expanding nationwide with Kolkata being the Head Office and the Development Centre. Other branches are in Delhi NCR and Bangalore. Our vision is to offer advanced digital technology to the mid-sized fast-growing businesses to enhance their growth.
We have successfully partnered with many organizations pan India in their digital transition. With real time visibility and complete control over the business through our Expand ERP, we have been instrumental in simplifying the complex business process and integrating the business on one single platform.


Expand is a comprehensible, scalable, customizable cloud ERP solution that supports your business all along as it grows. We are the OEM of this solution and with over 15 years of R&D and extensive market testing we have developed the best in class ERP software for your specific business needs. With Expand ERP the growth of your business becomes faster by stimulating real-time visibility and complete control of your organization.


Passionate for innovation, our Biz-tech Experts, constantly strive to bring new concepts for the advancements in technology. We have recently introduced exhausted functionality on Omni Channel Sales and Warehousing. We are the only cloud-based platform to manage Online Sales, Market Places, BO Sales, B2B Sales, Retail POS Sales and Exports from a single system. With strong determination and unwavering love for technology we are partnering Indian mid businesses to make them future ready, one business at a time.

Patron’s Note

Happy clients are the best advertisements that money can’t buy!

Expand ERP is a complete customer-centric solution provider. Our victory lies in the growth of our patrons. For over last 15 years we have partnered with many clients across India.What one of our valued patrons, Mr. Navkaran Singh Bagga, Director Trishan Group of companies has to say about us.
“Expand ERP allowed me a good foundation and platform to grow my business. It became easier for us to track multiple locations and to keep track of inventory and finances, payments, receivable and gave us everything in one single point. It doesn’t require too much technical training with regards to people who operate it. Expand is one of the most robust ERP software available in the market with real value for money.”
Mr. Navkaran Singh Bagga
Director ,Trishan Group of companies

Global Good News

Apps that are giving a voice to autistic kids

Such apps support or replace natural speech in children with autism, and other developmental disorders, with the use of images, icons and symbols, stored category-wise in folders, as visual cues. These are early intervention apps and their content can be customized according to individual needs.
Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when he was three years old, Sivaa Menon could only say a few basic words like ‘toilet’ by the time he turned 10. This frustrated him so much that he started having meltdowns. Traditional therapies didn’t work. But six months ago, his mother Preetha found Avaz, an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app, which has now given the 11-year-old a voice. He has now learnt to say 10 words.

Meet Cocoon, your family’s private Facebook!

On November 25, a new social network, Cocoon, made its appearance on Apple’s iOS app store just when the world needed it the most to stay closer and ‘in touch’. Cocoon’s co-founders Sachin Monga and Alex Cornell had raised $3 million for their Y Combinator-backed startup which led to the new social media buzz.
For years, Sachin Monga said, he has been thinking about how to escape Facebook’s dilemma, putting your mom and best friend in the same social network as your most distant acquaintance.
Cocoon is a social network for your family. It had been under development with select families and is now open to everyone on Apple iOS, Quartz reports. Just as the name suggests it will be your own private world of your family, a cocoon.


Expand ERP is the only cloud-based platform to manage Online Sales, Market Places, BO Sales, B2B Sales, Retail POS Sales and Exports from a single system.

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