Know the best way to overcome Operational Challenges today.

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Know the best way to overcome Operational Challenges today.

It is aptly said;We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.”


 We know we are growing when challenges and obstacles come on our way. It is on us how we face the challenges and overcome each problem with suitable solutions for a smooth sailing business experience. Businesses have undergone several changes over the past year and will continue to do so this year too. The modes and methods of running an organisation has been compelled to modify and improvise in order to sustain during these trying times. Since the threat is still prevalent and the new normal is here to stay, you need to systemise your organisation for such massive changes.


Some of the top challenges that businesses face everyday are:


1. Tracking Inventory levels and maintaining adequate stock

Without a real-time view of inventory movement from your eCommerce or warehouse it is impossible to track the accurate stock. It is going to be a common issue when a certain product which has been in demand for sometime will suddenly lose demand. To maintain the balance between overstocking and understocking, you need a constant check on the inventory movement. Manually doing this task is a waste of time and resources. It is also important to move unused inventory by whatever means like discount etc. A best fit ERP software like Expand smERP is well equipped to take over such a task and maintain timely, accurate inventory control. As soon as you feel settled in the market scenario and you think your organisation is running smoothly, it changes again.


2. Optimising production capacity while maintaining product quality

Providing the best quality product to the consumers while optimising production is every manufacturer’s aim. It is the quintessential rule of success, to manage quality control efficiently and minimise wastage as much as possible. The amount of waste and scrap caused by your production line can cause less profit margin. Most often manufacturers give less importance to wastage while exhausting more time and effort on other things. Rejection of finished products that are not upto the quality standards is also a huge waste. Each time this happens, you put your production goals at risk and cut even further into your profits. This challenge can also be curbed easily by integrating a best fit ERP software that automatically manages your production without using much of your resources. This will reduce time taken in production along with extra waste and resources.


3. Maximising efficiency in operations

Standardising inventory and stock and improvising in the consistency in quality control creates an overall operational efficiency. However along with these, proper utilisation of skilled staff is also essential for optimum growth and returns. Wasted staff time reduces the manufacturing output to a huge extent. The typical manufacturing workforce still wastes far too much time performing manual machinery checks and keeping paper records. IT staff are imposed to spend a lot of precious hours maintaining hardware and software rather than finding new areas of innovation. On either end of the production process, the purchasing and shipping departments are too reliant on high costing logistics. These challenges can also be met by implementing an ERP software which automates and eases the entire operational processes.


4. Ensuring Cybersecurity

Many manufacturers underestimate the safety stance they need to take. Building security protections into everything you do should be a priority, from individual components to the entire footprint of your plant. If it’s connected, it needs to be protected. IT/OT convergence has helped to expose vulnerabilities in the OT environment, particularly when it comes to older technology and applications. OT patching, for example, is critical – but it is often overlooked by manufacturers that don’t understand how exposed they are. Enjoy 100% data security with diligence and grow your business with complete peace of mind with Expand smERP that stores data on the cloud and ensures maximum safety with trusted technology platforms like Microsoft Azure, SQL Server. We also provide 99.9%uptime for an uninterrupted online experience.


5. Optimising Network environment

The network environment is the backbone of a modern manufacturing operation, providing the data transit capabilities to move information and commands throughout your automation footprint. Keeping these assets up and running is required to ensure the smooth and prompt execution of application activities. Expand smERP provides domain expertise as well as monitoring capability to maintain a high level of availability to minimize downtime resulting from last network connectivity.


Overcoming these challenges is complex and difficult, but it’s well worth the effort. As technology continues to evolve, it enables great advancements in smart manufacturing and operational productivity. For manufacturers, that also means competitiveness at a much higher level. Being adaptable to these challenges can not only help you keep up and “future-proof” your plant, but also potentially give you a competitive edge.


Your business needs attention and a vision for the upcoming years as well. The future is in the cloud. A cloud based ERP software that is well integrated and mobile-enabled applications makes it easier to operate your business remotely.  With constant real time data, your business will be easily able to drive efficiency, quality, agility and faster response. This will also enhance your customer relations and hike re-sales.


Rely on Expand smERP –  India’s best fit cloud ERP software for manufacturers in export and import industry and find optimal growth of your organisation.

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