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Marketplace Integration

Information flow becomes easier in your organisation with integration tools. Technology is not just the enabler of new experiences in the digital era, but a bridge of seamless integrations that enhance customer experience. Retailers earlier relied on multiple channels of engagement with customers that worked independently of each other. Typically, brands that were available online as well as in-store treated each channel as separate. Online purchases of a product could only be dealt through online interactions, while in-store purchases had nothing to do with online interactions. This multichannel engagement deprived customers of the advantage of dealing with a brand that was available in different channels.

Omnichannel has changed all of this. Retailers presently have multiple touchpoints, and omnichannel allows for integration in a single unified platform. POS, call centres, online orders, social media engagement, virtual malls and convenient payment gateways are seamlessly integrated with the behind the scenes operations such as order management, product lifecycle management, marketing automation, analytics, CX management, branding, and merchandising.


The resulting advantages are numerous. Customers can easily discover other products of interest in the context of purchases made and enjoy multiple options. Most importantly, it engages customers at the right time and place in the most effective manner—creating a strong buying desire.

Marketplace Integration

Expand smERP is fully integrated with ecommerce systems such as Magento, Shopify, eBay, Amazon. Future-ready solutions packed with features offer customers modern, practical and convenient solutions. From real-time inventory information, personalized service, and multiple self-service options, to compatibility with different platforms and devices, the solution has all that it takes to offer a truly omnichannel experience. Highly secure payment gateways, advanced back end workflows, and a whole range of tools help customize modules for superior results.

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