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Manage your schemes & offer updates with Expand smERP

This is a feature in Expand smERP software which enables users to create schemes and offer masters in the system by which seasonal or periodic offers can be floated in the system. This can also b specific for certain locations or branches only or as a whole company. For example – configuring discounts and deals on a selected range of products based on specific criteria of numbers, quantity or values like, Buy 2 Get 1 or Rs. 2000 off on a purchase of Rs 10,000 above etc. Such offers can also be segregated as per nature of sale like B2B schemes or POS store level schemes etc.


With this unique feature integrated in your best fit ERP software, attracting more customers in retail as well as the manufacturing sector is much simpler and more systematic. When applied for a retail store, it becomes easier for the comp[any to keep track of inventory on sale and fresh arrivals. It also keeps a track on the discount offered and the number of pieces left in all the branches.

Schemes and offers erp

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