Small Business ERP

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Small Business ERP

Cloud computing has removed the major hurdle for ERP service providers to roll out cost effective for small business ERP. ERP is mainly used by large companies to manage their business. Due to
high cost of deployment and maintenance, it was difficult for small business to benefit from an ERP. Small Business erpPay per user, Pay per transaction, Pay as you go models have made ERP accessible to small business and inevitable with the growing competition and business volumes. Small business ERP has increased efficiency and helped save costs.
Even the bigger ERP players are trying to remodel solutions for small business by cutting on the frills, making it more friendly for end user and easy to learn. Small business ERP are mostly industry specific and in line with the business, unlike bigger ERP that is generic and needs to be customized for the business.
There are several Small business ERP with different combination of functionality and pricing. Businesses really need to evaluate to suite their budget and ensure that software can address the core business function. Business should verify track record of the ERP vendor in similar industry.
EXPAND ERP is a cloud based solution for small business. It is comprehensive for mid-sized businesses who are manufacturers, exporters, distributors or retailers. EXPAND ERP is flexible to manage complex business processes. The pay as you go model gives enough scope to the business to try the software before committing.
EXPAND ERP has vast experience with SMB environments and understands the functional problem of similar companies. With the pricing model and functional expertise EXPAND ERP is a safe bet for small business.

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