Software for Exporters who want business simplified

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Software for Exporters who want business simplified

eDominer’s EXPAND smERP is a must-chosen software for Exporters who want to manage documentation, shipment, incentive tracking and more from a single software.

We have system that requires no investments on hardware or software and can be accesses from anywhere anytime through a laptop or tablet.
The simple cloud based subscription gives real time system on a 3G dongle or broadband. We take care
of speed, high availability, scalability and backup.
You might dismiss saying ‘what if there is no internet?’ The entire point is that you concentrate on your
business and let us handle what we are best at. In the era of 3G and 4G the future is cloud and internet is everywhere.

Foreign Trade regulators pushing exporters for new automation requirements, your preparedness is the
key to your business survival and growth. For a customer there is no dearth of choice and the loyalty is
retained through better customer experience. The signs of economic health improving with rising exports,
EXPAND smERP will help you manage demands effectively.

Reach out to eDominer to see how we can provide solution that fits 100% and works best for your

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