The Best ERP Software For Order Management, Production, Inventory and Jobwork

  • Maintain order costing & container planning
  • Increase efficiency of issue receive in jobwork
  • Improve productivity and material requirement planning
  • Enjoy better control over export documentation
  • Avoid stockout situation and excess purchase
Functionality Highlights

Choose as per requirement

  • Production Planning
  • Bill Of Material & Costing
  • Vendor Management
  • Jobwork & Work Order Tracking
  • Inventory aging and batch/lot contr
  • Barcode printing, scanning & weigh bridge link
  • Tolerance Based Inward Control

Unified system can save 50% of your time

6 Highlight features to organize your daily work

  • Automate customer outstanding reminder
  • Automate vendor follow up for pending PO
  • Approve work orders, PO through Mobile
  • File attachment with all transaction for reference and audit
  • Notify only on red flags like overdue, excess inward, low stock and more
  • Tolerance check for inwards of goods
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Expand Mobile ERP solution

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  • Comprehensive Information Management

    Expand Mobile ERP solution offers all quick-access functions required to manage important information related to business. It can help in managing sales leads, reduce the turn-around time of service request, and also give updates to customer for better experience and transparency.
  • On-the-Go Efficiency Boost

    These ERP mobile features are designed for the users who are always on the move. With these tools at their disposal, our consumers can make efficient use of their time and enhance their productivity by a huge margin.
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The Best ERP software for your business

  • Upgrade from manual to automated processes
  • Increase efficiency of the workforce
  • Improve company productivity
  • Enjoy better control over your export-manufacturing business

Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Integration

Single Integrated Software to run your entire business online.

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eCommerce Integration

like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

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Marketplace Integration

like Amazon, Flipkart

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Logistics Integration

like Bluedart, Shiprocket

expand erp software

Payment & Banking Integration

like Yes Bank, Paytm, Cashfree

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Integrated Communication

like Whatsapp, SMS, Email

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Integrated Devices

like Weighbridge, Barcode Scanners, Barcode printers, Handheld terminal

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Personal Data Backup

on Google Drive

the expand erpr software

Product Picture and other document Attachment

with Mobile Camera and phone gallery

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Expand API

access for 3rd party software, legacy system and device integrations

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Report builder

for do it yourself basic customisation on standard reports

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Picture Search

for easy sorting with Buyers and lead capturing on Mobile

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File attachment

through mobile phone

the best erp software

Voice command

based KPI and Analytics on Mobile

the best erp software

Product Catalogs

for easy sorting with Buyers and lead capturing on Mobile

Productivity and Efficiency Through Expand smERP

Order management

ERP gives instant information on the status of orders and allows production to plan for material based on order position. The system can alert on pricing, credit limit and various other checks that will require enormous time to verify and hence will delay in order processing. Avoid delays in shipment and become more efficient.

Say 'No' to spreadsheets and save 30% time

In typical scenario without ERP every person manages 100s of spreadsheets. Once the data crosses over few 100 rows and columns it becomes extremely time consuming. Further to track the updated version and sharing of spreadsheet is a nightmare and unsecured. Expand smERP gives all necessary reports on a click and can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Prepare Professional Documents Error free

Eliminates the hassle of manually preparing of documents in word editor and helps you complete quotation, invoice documents five times faster. Instead of entering the same information over and over again, enter information in only one place. That makes you less likely to make costly mistakes.

Credit Control

If the business is not aware of its outstanding in the market or not properly managing its creditors, bottom line is bound to get effected. Expand smERP ensures that there is no excess invoicing by Sales to meet numbers. The system sends automated reminders to customers for payment and also sends ledger details to sales rep for follow up. This basic automation saves 20% time of business owner.

GST Readiness, e-Invoice and e-Waybill

Fast pace of digitisation is bringing extra effort for every business to keep its data in proper order to meet all compliances. Expand smERP gives all necessary reporting for GST monthly uploads and purchase reconciliation.

Weighbridge, Barcode, IoT integration

Industry 4.0 brings in complete shift in how business is conducted. AI and machine learning is disrupting the most profitable businesses. History has repeatedly shown that survival and success is with those who accept change and improvise with help of technology. It is highly recommended to become more process driven and reduce human intervention to achieve higher productivity.

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Give Your Business The Best Tools

Warehouse and Inventory management

GST, Balance sheet and P&L

Production and Job work

Export Documentation

Online shopping

Service request

Point of Sale and Retail Order

Marketplace integration

Logistics integration

Lead management

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