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Order Management

ExpandERP helps to get exhaustive order report linked with shipment, procurement and bank negotiation. Provision to attach any scanned document or PDF is extremely useful. ExpandERP has a feature that reminds imperative appointments/tasks.

Sales Management

Sales Management a feature of Expand gives you a complete and accurate information to focus your interactions on preferred segments. Key Benefits: Improve the success of your CRM efforts. Make well-informed decisions about customers. Customize the solution to fit your processes.

Focus on Preferred Customer Segments

Good sales and marketing practices are all about making the right decisions at the right time. And in order to make better business decisions, you need to stay focused and be in control of all marketing and sales efforts. You are empowered to: Increase your productivity Sharpen your competitive edge Grow your business

Access Accurate Information

You can access important information about previous sales and marketing campaigns and future opportunities. Within moments you have the answers to such questions as, "When did I last contact Company A?" or "When did Contact B last order?"

Deliver better customer service

EXPAND smERP Trade automates the entire sales process. When entering sales orders, the system automatically checks credit limits, customer account information, pricing agreements, and inventory levels so you can give your customers real-time information. You can print order confirmations to fax or email.

Understand Your Business

When you have a clear overview of your contact information, you can analyze and understand future demand, and plan accordingly. You can measure the success of your campaigns, and you have the insight you need to identify specific segments and opportunities.

Overview Past and Future Activities

Information on each contact at the touch of a button. You gain a clear picture of what is pending in your sales pipeline, and you can adjust your planning accordingly.

Automate Routine Tasks

Not only do your employees provide quality service during every business interaction, they also become more effective because time-consuming processes are automated.

Keep Customers Loyal

Holding on to an existing customer is a lot cheaper than attracting a new one. If you don’t keep your customers 100% satisfied, you risk them taking their business elsewhere. Your customers expect a positive, consistent experience.

Plan More Effectively

ExpandERP helps improve the hit rate on your sales and marketing campaigns through effective planning. Sales and Marketing keeps you well informed with real-time, accurate information that’s readily accessible. You can concentrate more on areas of concern and area of opportunity.

Multicurrency Management (under EXPORT SALE)

With multicurrency, you can retain your local currency and still create reports and do business in other currency. You offer better service to customers and vendors by invoicing, ordering, and making and accepting payments in euro.

Personalize Relationships

Sales and Marketing enables you to identify specific segments in your contact database. You can personalize your approach to contacts – in any language you choose – and concentrate on one-to-one marketing. For example, you can select a particular group of contacts for a sales campaign based on past buying behavior.

Set up sales targets and view performance

Establish and monitor sales targets in the Sales Target window. Once a target has been assigned, you can browse and modify the targets quickly and simply. A couple of clicks can give you an instant overview of your yearly targets. Graphical charts show you actual sales and quotations compared with sales targets.

Manage the sales activities of your entire organization

EXPAND helps you monitor and manage the activities of individual sales people, sales teams and your entire sales organization. Easy to use reporting options provide instant overviews of each sales activity, and put you in control. You no longer have to wait for sales representatives or managers to make reports.

Identify Key Accounts

When you have real-time, accurate information on all your contacts, you can make better decisions. You know which accounts need your immediate attention and which accounts can wait. You can even classify customers based on the interrelation or by the criteria specified by you.Your contact and financial information is always accurate, and you can make strategic decisions promptly.

Rapid Response to Customer Concerns

Customers do not want a complicated saga with merchandise return. They want their refund or merchandise exchange handled quickly, correctly, and proficiently. A Sale return is fully integrated, so data entry is a one-time task. The information contained in the system is real-time and continuously updated. So when a customer inquires about the status of a return in process, you can easily see what actions have been taken – for example, if a sale return has been concluded or a replacement shipment has been carried out. Or, if a customer calls to have a replacement item shipped, it is easy to check whether that item is in stock. If the item is not available, you can inform the customer of the restocking date or give the customer a choice of alternatives. You provide immediate and complete answers to a customer’s phone inquiries — while the customer waits briefly on the line. Time is saved, the risk of documentation errors is reduced, and your response to customers is immediate and efficient.

Make Every Employee a Customer Expert

With Sales and Marketing, you can provide superior service during every customer interaction. Your employees always have access to accurate and detailed information on every contact – even e-mails sent between an employee and a contact can be logged in Sales and Marketing, enabling knowledge sharing between employees. Each employee becomes an expert on each and every contact, and you provide your customers with a better level of service – time after time.

Returns Management

Returns Management addresses a particularly important business concern: dissatisfied customers. These are customers who, for whatever reason, want to return a product. If the returns process is complex, slow, or inconvenient, customers’ dissatisfaction will only escalate—putting future business with them at risk. But a fast and easy merchandise return procedure can turn contact initiated by a dissatisfied customer into a business opportunity. Through your professional handling of the returns transaction, you secure the trust and loyalty of your customer, and enhance your business relationship even further.

Sales Management

"Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently"

Atul Jhunjhunwala
Director, Binayak
Hitech Engineering Ltd.