Training & Support

The Training & Support team ensures a seamless and responsive assistance system, offering timely solutions and guidance to enhance user satisfaction.Through a combination of expertise and dedication, the team is committed to providing timely and effective solutions to address user queries and challenges.


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Instant Support On Demand

We manage user assistance by offering a direct and immediate connection between users and support agents. By connecting directly with our support agents, users can initiate real-time communication, enabling swift issue resolution, guidance, and a personalized support experience. This efficient and user-friendly approach enhances overall customer satisfaction while minimizing response times for quick problem-solving.

Training On Video Conference

The support team facilitates user training on features of the ERP system through interactive video conferencing sessions. These sessions are designed to comprehensively explain and demonstrate the functionalities, ensuring users gain a clear understanding of the features and their practical applications within the ERP environment.

Strong Bug Tracking System

Our strong bug-tracking system facilitates seamless communication between the support and development teams. The support team can instantly connect with developers to address any user-reported issues or bugs. This process enables swift resolution, allowing developers to promptly update the system, ensuring a responsive and efficient bug resolution mechanism.

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Remote Desktop Support

Our team is equipped with remote desktop sharing applications which allow us to guide our clients step-by-step as well as resolve their queries whenever required. The client can walk us through the problem live and we can resolve it instantly.

Training on Video Conference

The client can schedule an online conference with our ERP experts to train their team on the ERP software. We believe in imparting personalized training to the client and his team. This helps us in providing quality service efficiently.

On Call Support and Training

Expand smERP provides active on-call support to the clients during the regular working hours. Our ERP users could get their queries resolved immediately on the first call. They could also schedule for our on-call presence after working hours by providing prior notice.