Simplify Customer Lifecycle and Retention

Manage your Customer Experience and Leads with Expand CRM.

Key Benefits in Expand smERP for Manufacturer

  • Customer Relationship

    Store all your Contacts with complete demographics. Categorise them with multiple attributes status, type, area, size and more. Keep them updated with your offers and services through email campaigns.

  • Calendar

    Calendar with reminders on follow up and appointments will ensure regular customer connect. Create and assign tasks to multiple people. Be updated real-time on progress and status of the assigned task.

  • Get Reminders

    Communication plays a vital role. The interval field in the CRM specifies the frequency of communication with the customer and accordingly generates reminders and follows up.

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ERP for SMEs

Boost Sales in your Business

with Beat Plan, Mobile Attendance, Location capture and more advanced features.

ERP for SMEs

Analyse your funnel

Get all the info you need to take action, and analyse the flow of your leads in graphical manner.

ERP for SMEs

Know status of leads

You'll know in what stage your leads, and status will be changed as you started working on that.

Why CRM is Essential?

With Expand smERP CRM Improve your Business Communication.

Customer Management

Maintains comprehensive contact information. Duplicate check on mobile number and email for clean data. Tag contacts based on industry, size, category, class and more. View interaction history for better conversation and experience. Send regular e-mailers on offers with attractive templates.

Customer Intelligence

Know at a glance the interaction history, leads and conversion patterns. know your customer better by sorting them on category, credit limits, industry, work relations and other transactions in the lifecycle.

Easy to Use

Intuitive layout and structure, advanced sorting and filter options. Option to e-mail and SMS directly on a click, ready reports and dashboard for analytics.

Mobile Data Capture

Instantly capture Lead and make it available to back office for action On spot upload location pics through camera. record customer feedback or response to support visits. get location update for field resources and assets.

Task Management

Assign tasks to multiple resources get status and response on the task from all assigned resources manage your own tasks with SMS and Email reminders. simple calendar view of each resource.

Sales Preference

Define Customer and Vendor preference for better experience. Predefine payment, delivery terms, lead time, product code mapping helps standard and professional delivery of goods and services. Eliminate repeated communication, data entry at each transaction.

Appointment & Follow up

Create appointment and follow up to avoid delay or miss out. Consistent and timely connect with prospects for better conversion. Get SMS and email notification in advance for timely action. Sync with Google Calendar

Index And Categorise

Tag contacts with industry, category, size, class and more Intuitive analytics and filters based on the tags Easy selective and filtered reports based on categorization. Selectively restrict access to users for customer data

Comprehensive contact information

Capture Tax numbers, Statutory details, Bank Details, Demographics and other terms for easy reference and avoid re-entry at every transaction. Capture multiple addresses, phones, emails and contact details Upload and attach multiple files for reference Provide profile picture for user friendly views Eliminate repeated communication, data entry at each transaction.

Why CRM is Essential?

With Expand smERP CRM Improve your Business Communication.

Credit Limit & Credit days

Define credit limit and days for better financial control. Configure options for stop invoicing. Send email and SMS notification on threshold. Automate reminders for credit clearance.

Automatic creation of Ledgers

Auto customer and ledger mapping. Auto account posting at transaction. Aging analysis for customers on a click. Reconciliation report on a click. Automatic reminder for tax deduction at transaction.


Restricted data access for reach contact mask contact name and other details at transaction regular automated backup Sync with google contacts.

Price List

Define multiple price lists by currency, units of measurement Define separate pricelist for online, retail and B2B. Maintain pricelist history. Auto pricing for marketplace.

Interaction and History

Prospects and Customers requirement and follow up can be effectively managed based on interaction history. Know exactly what the last conversation was when on the call. Understand past conversation for better negotiation and customer experience.

Advance Search & Sorting

Allows extensive search options for any information. Global generic search to quickly find match. Reports and centre screens for filtered and sorted results.

Lead Management

Manage the leads through single summary view. View different stages of each lead on a graphical easy reference. Setup quick follow up, appointment directly from summary view. Instant contact number and email for easy calling.

Email And SMS Reminders

Configurable Email and SMS for Tasks, Appointments and follow up reminder in CRM ensures no activity, customer or prospect is ignored. SMS alert on change of master data like credit limit helps to complete control of your business.


Platforms allow data to be synced with calendar to keep informed of upcoming tasks and deadlines. Meeting deadlines is very important in today’s business world. By inputting information like scheduled appointments and important tasks, it takes the guesswork out of project completion.

CRM is FREE with Expand smERP.

Enjoy Unlimited contacts, users and storage with no expiration date.

Contact Management

Maintain comprehensive contact information, check duplicate on mobile number and email for clean data and Tag contacts based on industry, size, category, class and more.

crm is free