Quick Response Code (QR Code)

This article was published on: 5/04/12 2:56 PM

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Quick Response Code (QR Code)

The scattered black and white boxes nowadays seen at the bottom of most newspaper advertisements is QR Code, a type of barcode that can be scanned by smart phones. The QR application on the smart phone immediately opens up related website or shopping cart or product and services linked to that barcode.

QR Code


This has created immense opportunity in the world of advertising and customer focus experience. This technology as of now is limited to mobiles and effective for mobile campaigns.  


Users scanning the code with their mobiles can be rewarded with discounts, offers, recharge and other information through advertiser’s website. The user can now get more information (extended information) by getting navigated from a tangible newspaper advertisement to a virtual experience so conveniently by a click and scan and giving the advertiser exclusive interaction moments.


QR Code has opened a whole new world of marketing and advertising for marketers.  

Contributor – Vineet