Advantages of Software as Service

This article was published on: 1/07/15 12:56 PM

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With Cloud infrastructure availability across the globe, software vendors are rapidly coming up with ready to use applications with numerous advantages of software as service. SaaS is expected to grow 3 folds in the next 3 years.

Software as Service

The foremost reason for exponential growth of SaaS is lower total cost of ownership followed by various technology and competitive benefits. Leading global organizations are using SaaS in many different ways like infrastructure outsourcing, analytics, big data, research and development, security, backup etc…
Companies with common objectives are able to come closer and collaborate on common platform resulting is efficiency compared to peers.
Due to the flexibility of Cloud infrastructure and SaaS model companies are able to quickly adapt to changing business needs and challenges.
Cloud + SaaS today is reducing time to market, encourage collaboration and innovation and of course bringing down the cost.
eDominer offers EXPAND business software solution as a service through cloud globally. Customers have seen significant improvement in resource productivity and utilization. Today eDominer is enabling customers of all sizes in Exports and Manufacturing domain to migrate to cloud and become more competitive in response time and customer experience

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