How ERP Software can solve challenges faced in a Book Publishing Industry?

ERP Software for Book Industry

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How ERP Software can solve challenges faced in a Book Publishing Industry?

Our client Mr. Kamal Kishore Sanghai, Director of Mittsure Technologies LLP is a goal-oriented entrepreneur with a progressive mindset. Mittsure is involved in publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media. He has faced several disruptions in his business earlier where processing was not systematic.The company was struggling to achieve faster growth as it was lagging behind in daily business activities. Mr. Sanghai is liberal and understands the indispensability of new age technology to survive in the competitive market. He identified his challenges and allowed us to help his company improvise and optimise growth with our best fit ERP software solution. Before surrendering to technology, the company had no system and order in its daily activities. They wasted a lot of time and money doing useless paperwork for files and records. After adopting Expand ERP, the company was brought in order from chaos. There was an easy production process and paperwork had also reduced. Even outsourcing or subcontracting procedures was automated for easy transactions.

Mr. Sanghai is our happy client and we have successfully implemented our ERP in his organisation.

All companies face their own set of problems according to the nature of their business. How to find the right solution to it is the main challenge. As Jim Rohn says, “ Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” A publishing company sources its content or stories, then designs publishes and then finally distributes the books. The various forms of publications are magazines, books, newspapers, directories etc which can be published daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly basis.

erp for book industry

The processes involved are crucial in nature and if a problem arises in even one process, it has a domino effect on all the subsequent processes. Thus, to keep the coherent workflow smooth and seamless, organisations need to adopt new technologies and tools that will enhance performance and growth.

ERP software has been around nearly as long as commercial software has been available to businesses. But the ERP software market has a tendency to look homogenous, so it’s tough to distinguish. These systems consolidate and streamline records and data from internal business processes like finance, sales, production, and complex supply chains. They also provide centralised databases that act as a single source of truth on whose basis the entire enterprise depends.

If you are a book manufacturer and face similar problems – Expand ERP is the one solution to your needs. We offer the best in class business automation software for mid-sized manufacturers in the export and retail industry.

Essential benefits of using ERP to counter the challenges of a book manufacturing business


To manage daily tasks efficiently, all departments of a publishing house needs to be at par with the overall processes and optimum data visibility.


Expand ERP counters all the difficulties and operational snags in the publishing industry from a single portal.

  1. Managing subscriptions – subscriptions is a very important revenue generator for any publishing company. Your ERP will send reminders for renewals and manage a list of old/new subscribers with a smart record keeping software.
  2. Optimum Supply Chain Management – SCM improves with full control over inventory.
  3. Reduces manual work of data entry.
  4. Reduces usage of paper.
  5. Decreases risk of errors as all transaction and entry is automated.
  6. Enhances decision making – accuracy in data entry will automatically enhances decision making.
  7. Warehouse management – with a  comprehensive inventory tracking warehouse stock is managed on the go.
  8. Improves material quality by taking care of compliances, inspection and analysis system.
  9. Efficiency in production cycle  – ERP manages your production cycle including capacity observation, planning raw material obtaining etc.
  10. Inventory module improvises material planning and maintains records of previous sales, quality in hand and backorder quantity etc.

Your business is as unique as you are.

Give it a process automation software that is made to fit.


Expand Benefits:

  1. Real-time orders – We provide real-time order status to avoid shipment delays and procurement planning with vendors and container planning.
  2. Automated email and SMS to debtors – This reduces outstanding and aging by 30 % in 6 months.
  3. Planning Inventory – You can plan inventory holding based on the historical and current order trend

Install India’s best fit ERP on cloud and grow your manufacturing business with ease.

Expand ERP offers the best in class ERP software for the Retailers in midsized manufacturing industries. It drives business efficiency by perfectly fitting into the existing business and effectively automating and integrating the complex business processes.

Expand ERP for manufacturing books in Export and Retail Industry –

Expand offers an effective Omni Channel ERP. It controls inventory intelligently and can manage warehouses at multiple locations. The users are informed well in advance about finished stocks so orders can be placed on time. Similarly overstocking can also be saved. As a Cloud ERP users can access the data whenever they want from wherever they are. Expand ERP also provides integrated features with marketplaces like Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and Flipkart.


Expand ERP for Export Industry makes your export a powerhouse-

It provides post-shipment tracking including bills and export incentive tracking. It also initiates forward booking and packing list and CBM computation. With Expand ERP on cloud export business is made much simpler as access can be made anytime, anywhere.

Revitalise your ERP software with Expand ERP process automation. Instead of you changing your business processes, we tailor-make the ERP software specifically as per your needs. If you are keen to lead your industry with cutting edge technology and take your business to the next level, adopt Expand ERP software.


To know more call. +91 9007026542 and Book a Demo

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Textile ERP Solution Provider in India

Textile ERP Software

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ERP for Textile Industry

ERP – A necessity for the Apparel Industry!

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way!”

John C. Maxwell

Are you the kind of entrepreneur who aims high and set standards for a generation? Are you unafraid of adopting the nuances of technology to enhance and improvise workflow in your organization?


Like any other industry, textile is also a manufacturing unit which cannot operate efficiently without ERP Software Solutions in today’s competitive market scenario.

erp for Textile industry

One of our patrons,

Mr. Lakshman Joukani,

Director, Bellamoosh is a live example who has achieved great benefits from implementing Expand ERP in his organization. Since then he has been experiencing seamless work flow in his textile manufacturing and retail business.

Challenges that were faced by Mr. Joukani and solved by Team Expand:


  • Orders and packing instructions were allotted in different units of measurement like dozens, sets, packets, bundles etc for various buyers of the same product.
  • Order and production planning based on production ratio of size, color, design, styles etc was initiated.
  • Automated bill of material for repeat orders now can be generated.
  • Tracking issue, consumption and receipt, wastage, scrap and Quality check for each stage of production for both in house and outsourced jobbers can be issued easily.
  • In built workflow for repeat works against each stage of production along with cost can be tracked
  • Inventory and job pending tracking of each jobber at every production stage was activated.
  • Calculation of actual cost of production, factoring material consumption, reworks and contractor’s bills comparison with estimated plan was executed.
  • Various MIS reports on inventory tracking based on size color, lot no, design and other attributes were prepared.

Mr. Joukani is our happy and satisfied client. He can now focus on other broader goals and achieve his mission faster.

Indian Textile Industry is one of the largest industries in India. It is the second largest in terms of providing employment opportunities to more than 35 million people in the country. It contributes to 7% of industrial output in terms of value, 2% of India’s GDP and to 15% of country’s export earnings. 

It is quite overwhelming to realize that your textile company contributes to this statistics, knowing how arduous it is to manage a large manufacturing company. To make your business processing simpler adopt our cutting edge ERP Solution on cloud and let the software manage your business processings.

ERP for Textile and Apparel industry:

The use of technology is a necessity in today’s business and the apparel industry with specific capabilities for design, production and supply chain management. ERP Solution are largely used for effective monitoring and control accurate planning and scheduling of orders, better data predictions quick response to query and online detailed information of orders.

Basic structure of ERP Solution:

  1. Manufacturing process
    • Fibre module
    • Fabric module
    • Yam module
  2. Extension process
    • Marketing wing
    • Production wing
    • Finance wing
Advantages of ERP in Apparel Industry:

Supplier benefits – real time information about materials is available

Management benefit – cost savings, improvement in saving and pleasant customer relationships.

Employee Benefit – work satisfaction and achieving goals on time with great team work.

Customer benefit – good services and quality product at cheaper price.

Other benefits include:-

  1. Reduction in cycle time 
  2. Cost savings – (implementing quality management system with ERP can help to bring down excess production)
  3. Reduction in machinery downtime

Our success story:

Expand ERP – India’s best fit ERP on cloud for the Export and Retail Industry.

 Manage the daily processing of your textile business with cutting edge ERP solutions and gain leadership in your industry.

Why US?


Made in India –For India With over 15 years of extensive R&D and experience in the Indian market, we understand the challenges faced in your business better.


Ease of Biz – Quick implementation is possible as we don’t alter your business processes, there is minimum need of customization , no Capex,and less training time required as it has a user friendly interface.


Compatibility Quotient – we provide perfect customisations to adapt to specific needs of the business. Furthermore we have integrated several features like Whatsapp, Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify etc to make business even simpler. 


Expand ERP cloud software improvises your business processing seamlessly and integrates your daily business activities which saves time and money. Our experience in this industry marks assurity of our constant support to our patrons. For any further queries please leave a comment below. Did this blog bring any value to you? Your feedback is important for us.

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Business Scenario :-Dileep Industries is a family-owned business headquartered in Jaipur, with 11 factories spread across Jaipur. Dileep produces products such as Ceramics, Wooden, Terracotta, Glass, Marble, Metal –GI Sheet and Wine, Paper Mache, Metal – Wrought Iron and is the largest exporters of handicraft and lifestyle products from India.They have multiple brands such as Chopping Board(Culinary and Lifestyle solution), Anuva (fashion jewellery) and Dileep Hardware (Lifestyle and Décor Products) thru which products are sold and multiple companies where Manufacturing processes are held.

Dileep Group had In-house developed software where Export Sales and its analysis were managed, In-house developed software to manage Incentives and Insurance related activities post Export sales, they were recording financial related entries on financial software, and Purchase and domestic sales related records in Microsoft word and manual preparation of Management reporting is thru Microsoft spreadsheet.

Solution :-To eliminate management of multiple applications and manual reporting, customer decided to adopt Expand ERP, a single solution for the entire Business.The System enabled 24*7 and anytime, anywhere using access to the users as well as owners of the organization. The Software helped the customer to manage accounts and inventory independently channel wise. The system brought various departments of the business such as purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts on a single platform and easy tracking of different brands of Dileep Group at multiple stages.

Benefits of Expand ERP Solution

  1. Customer can now access inventory and ledgers location wise and also it can view consolidate on a single click. Thereal-time reports help in quick decision making and saves lot of time.
  2. Expand smERPalso links E-Commerce Website with the software which enables customers to get real- time view of actual stock availability and also reduction in management of E-commerce Website i.e adding new products etc.
  3. One Click GST Reports for filing the GSTR returns.
  4. Consolidated Report to verify sales and stock at multiple channels.
  5. Single Export Sales Report which can be viewed on basis of different dates. For E.g.:-Invoice Date, LR Date and Bill of Lading Date.
  6. Management of Inventory (Stock) of a particular channel with respect to multiple stores which enables user to actually know which exact stock available at the store on Expand smERP.
  7. Expand smERP sends automatic mails on receipt of Export Incentive, document creation, document modification, and various reminder mails such as product reorder reminder, ECGC cover limit reminder. Also, it sends automatic email on daily task and follow-ups.

City Service

City Service

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City Service

City Services is one of the most popular privately owned public transportation companies of West Bengal. Not only are the popular among the general public but also are favored by the celebrities and VIP.


  • One of the major issues that they were facing was the calculation of mileage for the ever increasing fleet of vehicles. As the number of buses kept increasing it was nearly an impossible task to track the fuel expenses for each of them manually. Scope for fuel theft always loomed over there at head since it was very difficult to isolate the specific vehicle vis-a-vis its driver who was showing abnormal fuel consumption.
  • City Services was looking for was a robust booking management for their public transportation business. They wanted to capture every aspect of a vehicle booking including Contact Details of the Customer, details of the vehicle booked, details of the driver assigned, schedule of the trip, extra charges such as the parking charges, toll etc., advance paid by the customer – all into a single system.
  • They also wanted notifications to be sent to the customer and driver on certain events such as confirmation of booking, reminder about the day(s) of trip etc


  • The first step towards eradicating the issue was to create the entire fleet in the year. Then the users flagged the vehicle to be AC and Non AC, since an AC bus consumed more fuel than a Non AC bus.
  • An import feature was designed through which users could upload information such as odometer reading between trips, quantity of fuel purchased, vehicle number, etc. obtained from the predefined fuel stations where the vehicles were supposed to refuel.
  • By comparing the information uploaded by the users Expand was able to isolate the vehicles which showed an abnormal consumption of fuel between certain trips. By comparing the information uploaded by the users Expand was able to isolate the vehicles which showed an abnormal consumption of fuel between certain trips.
  • Through the Service Booking module present in Expand we were able to map every aspect of the booking for them.
  • They were able to send notifications from the system as desired from the system and also generate unique reports on booking summary, driver and vehicle booking schedule, dues pending to the drivers and helpers, dues pending from the customers — from EXPAND


textile erp

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Bellamoosh Overview

Country – India                                               Industry – Textile Manufacturers and Exports

Business Situation :-Bellamoosh Lifestyle is into international trading of high end ladies fashion fabrics and Men’s Shirting fabrics. The company has a wide range of fabrics from cottons to silks to polyesters as it is exporting to every part of the world, considering Quality as per international standard as their main motto .The existing textile process followed is manual and legacy based which is prone to errors, delays due to manual intervention. Manual management also incurs higher costs with the possibilities in underutilization of resources, capacities and extremely time consuming for all staff and management.

Solution :-Taking into consideration the existing scenario’s where Export documentation was maintained on Excel, No tracking of purchase order and the goods available at godown, Bellamoosh came up with an sophisticated online system with Expand ERP for facilitating enhanced user interface for all concerned i.e, Administration Team, Management Team, Factory Staff, Quality Checker and Contractors for smooth functioning and execution of Bellamoosh as a reputed brand and pool opportunities for higher customer foot fall, brand name and goodwill.To eliminate manual reporting and enable tracking of the goods, customer decided to adopt Expand ERP, a single solution for the entire Business. The Software helped the customer to manage accounts and inventory independently channel wise.

Benefits from Expand ERP Solution

  1. Single Platform Integration of various departments and for easy tracking of records as per relevant channel.
  2. Expand ERP has enabled batch wise tracking of the Taka’s. It generates Barcode at multiple process stages such as at the time of Goods Inward, at the time of generation of Bales, at the time of creating Rolls and at the time of generating Carton. This enables End-to End tracking of each and every taka.
  3. It also sends automatic email on daily task and follow-ups to users.

Special Benefits of Expand ERP Solution

  1. To track the Status and stage of the Order received i.e from Export Order to Export Invoice.
  2. Complete Tracking of Stock i.e Stock available at different processes as well as Stock available with the Contractor.
  3. A simple platform which made Expand ERP User-friendly for people at various levels to handle the Software.
  4. Bellamoosh is now able to clear accounting, taxation and payments to be handled faster and accurately and on timely basis as tracking became simple.
  5. Reports providing End to End tracking of the Order such as Goods available at various stages and exact pending records at different stages.