Transform your production and inventory by capturing realtime movement through mobile app and one click reports.

ERP For Manufacturing.

ERP is a comprehensive, scalable and customizable enterprise resource planning system that offers a transformation for manufacturing industry from the traditional software. In today’s hostile business environment, it is essential to be prepared to face a competitive world. ERP offers solution that enables manufacturing companies to compete in the prevailing market. A better management of your manufacturing processes transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, finance and customers.

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Key Benefits in Expand ERP for Manufacturer

Expand ERP gives detailed production flow management and quick single entry option to capture the input, output, excess consumption, wastage and gain/loss.

Allows in tracking production progress and to make changes easily, to increase production efficiency, reduce costs and gives a clear picture of accurate account quotes on a single click.

Manage production flow ⇒ inventory control ⇒ increase production efficiency ⇒ low cost = business growth

Need of ERP system in manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry need to address several key strategic issues if they want to successfully compete in this dynamically changing business environment. A common strategy used by firms for achieving this goal is just-in-time and quality improvement programs. Web-based Cloud ERP system is designed to address the problem of breakup of information in manufacturing organizations. ERP system regulates the entire business strategies with a suite of software modules in all the areas of business. Moreover, ERP is used as a desirable link to enhance integration between all functional areas within the manufacturing enterprise.

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Get Realtime Visibility On Your Production status

Capture instantly the inward, outward excess consumption based on listing, BOM and MRP this can save you a huge amount of time and bring full control over your production and eliminating your dependency on manual report that maybe incorrect.

4 Resources Manufacturing Need ERP

  • Avoid excess purchase and stock out situations
  • Keep track of excess consumption
  • Follow up vendor and sub-contractor
  • Manage multiple locations and multi unit of management stock


- S. Thakurta, Director, Fidere Engineers & Services P Ltd.

Proper costing done in ERP has helped control production and save huge cost in Inventory and allowed timely procurement

Single software with BOM MRP, accounting and mobile App to record real time transactions and have complete control of business

Automatic account posting has helped in real time profit/loss statement and compute invoice wise profitability

QC process provide a check list at every transaction to ensure the products are of standard and minimize the disk of rejections

The complexity of multiple units of measurement is highly simplified as users can easily stock in single UOM and transaction in multiple UOM

MRP run ensure that your business is never in a stock out situation safety stock reorder level helps in saving inventory holding costs

ERP for SMEs
ERP for SMEs

File Attachment

ERP for SMEs

Product catalogue

ERP for SMEs

GST, eInvoice

ERP for SMEs

EAN13, QR code

ERP for SMEs

Credit Control

Ensure there is no excess invoicing to meet sales targets, ensure timely payment is received from customers and have full control on your credit exposure

ERP for SMEs

Material requirement planning

Get exact requirements to avoid wrong purchase excess purchase .future allocation feature allows to prioritize the production orders





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Weigh Bridge

Sales & Order Management

What makes Expand ERP right for your Manufacturing Business ?


Define Bill of material before production for proper procurement planning and material requirement planning. Get complete visibility of stock availability and change raw material with alternate material for specific batch of production.


Generate process for every stage of production as defined with the finished product. Define due dates for every process, outsource the process and manage job work inventory and status. Define worker, machine and down time details for effective tracking and reporting. Get system alerts on.

professional documentation

Prepare Professional Documents Error free

Eliminates the hassle of manually preparing of documents in word editor and helps you complete quotation, invoice documents five times faster. Instead of entering the same information over and over again, enter information in only one place. That makes you less likely to make costly mistakes.

Say ‘No’ to spreadsheets and save 30% time

In typical scenario without ERP every person manages 100s of spreadsheets. Once the data crosses over few 100 rows and columns it becomes extremely time consuming. Further to track the updated version and sharing of spreadsheet is a nightmare and unsecured. Expand ERP gives all necessary reports on a click and can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.

order managment

Order Management

ERP gives instant information on the status of orders and allows production to plan for material based on order position. The system can alert on pricing, credit limit and various other checks that will require enormous time to verify and hence will delay in order processing. Avoid delays in shipment and become more efficient.

Credit Control

If the business is not aware of its outstanding in the market or not properly managing its creditors, bottom line is bound to get effected. ExpandERP ensures that there is no excess invoicing by Sales to meet numbers. The system sends automated reminders to customers for payment and also sends ledger details to sales rep for follow up. This basic automation saves 20% time of business owner.


GST Readiness and e-Waybill

Fast pace of digitisation is bringing extra effort for every business to keep its data in proper order to meet all compliances. ExpandERP gives all necessary reporting for GST monthly uploads and purchase reconciliation.

Weighbridge, Barcode, IoT integration

Industry 4.0 brings in complete shift in how business is conducted. AI and machine learning is disrupting the most profitable businesses. History has repeatedly shown that survival and success is with those who accept change and improvise with help of technology. It is highly recommended to become more process driven and reduce human intervention to achieve higher productivity.