Eliminate time taking spreadsheets.

76% of the companies are already on cloud or planning to move

Business owners face daily operational challenges. Mostly hire additional resources as checkpoints to overcome those challenges but not much is achieved. In any business to manage it efficiently you need well defined processes. These processes need to be supported by enterprise software like Expand smERP. The software gives complete visibility to business owner and brings accountability in the workflow. Simple tagging of master data, quotations, orders etc can eliminate errors, save huge time in documentation. Business owner can focus on growth and development instead of monitoring processes.


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eCommerce Integration

like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

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Marketplace Integration

like Amazon, Flipkart

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Logistics Integration

like Bluedart, Shiprocket

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Payment & Banking Integration

like Yes Bank, Paytm, Cashfree

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Integrated Communication

like Whatsapp, SMS, Email

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Integrated Devices

like Weighbridge, Barcode Scanners, Barcode printers, Handheld terminal

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Personal Data Backup

on Google Drive

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Picture Attachment

with Mobile Camera

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software

User Friendly

Whenever it comes to adapting a new software for your business, choosing something user friendly is one factor that should be of utmost importance. Cloud ERP solutions are extremely user friendly which will help you achieve more with comparatively less effort. Cloud ERP provides smart automations which can be configured easily hence adding to the much needed workflow in your business. This also reduces efforts by avoiding the repetition in data entry and spreadsheets.


The most important feature of any software system should be its reliability and cloud ERP solutions scores maximum in reliability. Thanks to the cloud server infrastructure, data management and disaster recovery support is an added advantage. Everything, including software, infrastructure and others are all bundled into a single subscription and users with valid credentials & authority can access data from anywhere, anytime.

No Hassle Updates

Most of the cloud ERP software are designed to have self-updates. A cloud ERP solution helps in automatic statutory updates, new features or changes in reporting instantly all at zero cost.

Single Platform

Cloud ERP software is hosted on a single platform and there is a definite benefit of having everything on a single platform. This unifies all your business applications and helps you have a central database.

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Cloud Based ERP Solutions for Mid Market

  • Expand smERP for Omni-channel sales

    Cloud ERP offers end to end functionality like CRM, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Marketplace integration and Omni-channel sales (all channel sales) like B2B, Marketplace, Online Shop and retail. Payment gateways, banking, hand held terminals, GPS are all integrated by Cloud ERP solutions resulting in a super-efficient management and complete control over business.

  • Expand smERP for Exporters

    Cloud ERP helps in an integrated workflow for export business. From one click documentation, incentive tracking, ECGC forward contract and PCFC utilization a cloudERP features all of this and much more. The document attachment feature also makes CloudERP a must have as this makes life much more simplified for exporters.

  • Expand smERP for Manufacturing

    Cloud ERP offers end to end function like Material Requirements Planning (MRP) order to cash, accounting, GST, logistics, weighbridge are all integrated to offer high efficiency and increase productivity.

  • Expand smERP for Family Managed Business

    While most of you believe that ERP solutions are not for the mid-market or family managed businesses, we would like to correct you right there, CloudERP is also a ‘must-consider’ option for them as well. For most mid-market and family managed businesses that are struggling to move to the next level, technology is the biggest challenge and adding a CloudERP solution can simply help them in the rapid transition in the methodology which has proven to give best return on investment.

Why Choose Expand ERP on Cloud?

  • Industry Focused

    Expand smERP is cloud based ERP, which is a no frills attached software, ready to use on cloud for mid-market. Be it of any business size from medium to large, from manufacturing companies to export houses, Expand smERP can be the best option thanks to the efficient team which makes the migration from legacy system to cloudERP easy. Apart from this, our team will provide extensive training with remote desktop and on call support to make your experience the best one out of the most advanced and evolved cloudERP system in India today.

  • Latest Technology & Integration

    Expand smERP has always been pioneers in offering solutions relevant to business. Expand smERP was the first one to bring web based ERP in 2004. Expand has also been pioneers in offering major marketplace integrations with warehouse management and other ERP functions on a single platform. Expand smERP’s focus on industry has helped businesses to get exactly what they need and at lower investment. Ensuring quick technology upgrades as per industry requirement, has helped businesses stay ahead in competition and focus on their core activities.

  • Configurable and User friendly

    Rated as the most user friendly system in industry, users from all age group and literacy levels have easily transited to CloudERP. The Expand team with their personalized one to one training and support ensure that users finish their daily task in half the time with Expand smERP. Since Expand smERP has easy configuration options, it helps the team to change workflow to quickly adapt to business and comfort.

  • Reliable and Secure

    Expand smERP is hosted on world class cloud platform to give 99.99% uptime. It has a built-in auto backup, spread in geography to ensure instant recovery from any adversity. Cloud providers along with Expand smERP team ensure that businesses can access system securely from anywhere and anytime.

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What is Cloud ERP ?


ExpandERP and all other advanced ERP software providers offer their services on Cloud. Today business applications cannot be standalone. Software needs real time data exchange and offer business user seamless single window information for maximum efficiency and increased productivity. Management require notification on smart phones, they want to track their sales force and even access data analytics on the move. The future of business application is collaboration and integration with different productivity applications and offering business value and productivity to its users.


Hardware virtualization led to Cloud computing meaning we now have hardware resources like storage, memory, processing power all available as configurable service. We can scale up or scale down on demand. This high level of flexibility has allowed top ERP software companies in India to offer unified software application as a service. Businesses can now manage and integrate all functions online through secured data centers. Highest level of security and scalability allows handling any level of workload at peak business season giving consistent user experience.


Cloud has made this easy for the technology companies and at the same time affordable for end users. ERP through cloud computing has removed all the hassles of managing IT infrastructure, software update and upgrades, security and backup. A tool like ERP on cloud can be the most effective tool for the business user for their growth and excellent customer experience.

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What is Cloud ERP ?

What is Cloud ERP ?

What is Cloud ERP ?