How to Find the Best Fit Cloud ERP Software for Handicraft and Furniture Industry

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Does your Handicraft manufacturing firm suffer from mismanagement? Do you feel that the number of employees working in your company makes it difficult to run any management scheme? Is it getting difficult for you to manage finished products? Are you afraid that most of your assigned tasks are seldom completed? Do the accounting numbers haunt you? Does the fear of running out of inventory forces you to overstock?

If these challenges are looming in your mind, it is high time you take proactive measures to curb them and find an immediate solution to sustain your dream company from drowning. Our best cloud ERP software to help and provide real life solutions which will eliminate all managerial issues which are plaguing your business and make it more profitable. Once you identify the ERP Software that perfectly suits the unique needs of your organisation half your problems will be eliminated.

One of our patrons Mr. Jain of Indian Handicrafts is a futuristic entrepreneur and embraces change with time. He has adopted the transition to digitisation and automation of his manufacturing business long before as he realised that the future of doing business is to manage it online.

According to his testimonial:

“ Expand ERP Cloud software has become a saviour during the lockdown. It has helped my company to stay connected with all the team members as we could access our data and plan ahead how to restore the backlog. I strongly recommend all MSMEs to move to the cloud ERP software with immediate action.”

Common Challenges Faced by Handicraft Industries Which can be Solved by an ERP Software

  • Sales- Managing contact numbers and databases of various partners often becomes a chaotic task. Handicraft industry deals with a lot of people, and thus chances are there that contacts of these people are messed up or lost. Since the handicraft industry thrives on the quantity of products produced, it becomes important that these are accurately accounted. Errors are often seen in maintaining a sales-list due to the size of the order. Pricing is another matter of concern. As so many varieties of goods are produced, keeping a tab on price trends is important to maintain consistency.
  • Purchase – Maintaining the request for quotation is a huge problem. While sourcing products from different companies, keeping quotation history becomes important as it allows for better negotiation and comparison. Outsourcing from different sources also calls for shipment tracking, which is absent in most firms. A best fit cloud ERP software can solve the challenges with ease. It maintains a sales order list,records and compares trends in prices of different products and also generates an auto invoice based on data feed.It also maintains history of requested quotes and tracking of incoming shipments.
  • Shift Management – Handicraft industries employ a lot of people. Most of these people work in rotational shifts. Inefficient management of these shifts leads to conflicts and derails the overall work culture. Handicraft industry misses the presence of a system which can manage any given number of employees. An ERP software manages a centralised information data centre relating to shifts updated in the software. It automates shift rotation of employees to eliminate biases resulting in optimisation of work schedule for every employee.
  • Employee & Payroll – As mentioned earlier, the handicraft industry employs so many people that employee management often becomes its Achilles’ heel. The people are considered to be a company’s biggest asset and management of their attend Auto identity card generation to enforce corporate identity dance, leaves, payroll and expenses becomes a challenging task. Auto identity card generation to enforce corporate identity. With a best in class ERP software payroll is generated automatically along with tracking of leave, attendance, performance and recruitment of the workforce.
  • Task Management – A lot of tasks are delegated to employees. Keeping a tab on these tasks is very challenging. There are tasks related to repair, maintenance, order, sales, attendance etc. Keeping the workplace maintained is also important. Tasks pertaining to machinery maintenance, office hygiene, electrical and civil maintenance require vigilance in order to be duly realized. An ERP creates a centralized task schedule and monitoring system. Also a vigilance software controls the workplace and machinery maintenance.
  • Visitors – With a never ending line of people visiting the industry, keeping a checklist becomes highly demanding. Piles of manual registers often get destroyed and the owners seldom have information regarding the same. With an automated process a digital register is maintained for all visitors. Computerised segregation of visitors into suppliers, customers, guests, etc is done for reducing chaos and mismanagement.
  • Inventory- Knowing the quantity of the inventory in the warehouse is important since it allows for streamlining the process of production. Keeping a checklist of incoming items such as raw materials, and outgoing items such as finished products can be a daunting task. Owners often struggle to get this information accurately. A centralised system of managing inventory can curb all these challenges easily. It provides a  real time tracking of supplies and inventories, live update of products going in and out of the warehouse and makes provision for stock forecasting based on trends.
  • Accounting – A handicraft industry employs a number of processes the end product of which are  piles of paperwork relating to payroll, inventory management, sales, order, maintenance and balance sheets which  creates a huge financial challenge. With an ERP software, all finances can be managed from one place and validation of invoices done automatically along with automated follow-ups for payment.
  • Quality Management – The products in the handicraft industry are handmade. If automation is not practiced, looking after the quality of the products becomes difficult especially after the products have reached the warehouse. It is not possible to employ several skilled managers who could oversee the production of all the products. Generation of checkpoints for product checking before it reaches the warehouse can be done with an ERP software. Management will receive notifications in case of faulty products and will also maintain a database of defective products.
  • Information Dissipation – Owners and managers often have to give information to the workforce of the industry. Since there are a lot of employees working under a lot of division, information is seldom dissipated to all and at desired speed. Many of the employees have unheard about their company’s direction and are just concerned about working their shifts. Many of the welfare schemes initiated by the company also fail to reach the employees. The handicraft industry essentially needs the presence of a communication system which can transfer information both horizontally and vertically within the organization. An ERP can provide a Notice board for all employees for effective communication and also a grievance board for complaints of the workforce.

Cloud ERP software can be customised to suit the needs of an individual firm. Therefore all problems relating to the handicraft industry whether generic or specific, can be managed by the effective use of such a  software.

The ERP software can be laden with features to combat specific problems. In addition to all the benefits enlisted, the unique selling proposition of a best-fit cloud ERP software is that all information can be accessed by the user anytime and anywhere. Therefore the owners and the managers need not look at multiple places in order to get relevant information. Cloud based software also increases the speed of decision implementation, thereby further streamlining the process.

Expand ERP is India’s best-fit cloud ERP system for fast growing businesses like yours. It empowers the mid sized manufacturers in the export and retail industry with real-time visibility and complete control over their business for faster expansion by simplifying complex business processes.

With over 15 years of extensive R&D and market testing, we have developed software that seamlessly fits into Indian Business. We are the OEM of this solution. Further, specific fitment through customization and integration are made for the company’s unique needs. All measures are taken to fit seamlessly into the existing business processes to deliver the maximum benefit of our solution. 


Expand ERP cloud software drives maximum growth and ROI to your business.

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