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The Best ERP Software For Order Management, Production, Inventory and Jobwork

  • Maintain order costing & container planning
  • Increase efficiency of issue receive in jobwork
  • Improve productivity and material requirement planning
  • Enjoy better control over export documentation
  • Avoid stockout situation and excess purchase

Expand Mobile ERP

Transforming Workflows,

Seamlessly manage inventory, track production,
and engage with business processes-all from the palm of your hand.
Stay ahead of the curve, stay connected, and stay
productive with Expand Mobile ERP.

Failure to follow up on a lead can be very costly!

  • Revenue loss : Losing a lead means missing out on potential earnings.
  • Increased costs: Acquiring new leads to replace lost ones can be expensive.
  • Market impact : It may result in reduced market share and competitiveness.
  • Reputation risk : Neglecting leads can damage your business reputation.
  • Customer loyalty : Losing leads may diminish long-term customer trust and loyalty.
  • Operational efficiency : Lead loss hampers workflow, demanding extra resources to recover, impacting overall business efficiency.

Highest level of Data Protection

  • 2046 bit encryption between server and user machine
  • IP based security
  • Multi level approval system
  • Data access restriction by user role
  • MAC based user binding
  • Automatic multi location data backup
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Secure and dependable

End-to-end SSL encryption, coupledwith automated backups and seamless Google Drive integration. kzjjkx hjgv vgvkjvk

User role based security

Seamless control: customize user access for editing and viewing at the record level. kzjjkx hjgv vgvg gvkjvk

Document management

Attach unlimited supporting documents through mobile app based photo upload or scanning. kzjjkx hjgv vgvkjvk

Value for money

Expand Lite Your complete package for accounting, multi-location inventory, leads, order management, barcoding, & GST compliance.

Modules and functionality covered


Sales Order, Proforma, Sales Planning,E Invoice/E-WayBill, Credit Note, Delivery Note.


Purchase Order, Purchase Planning,Supplier Invoice, Supplier Credit Note, Goods Receipt Note.


Receipt, Payments, Journals, Credit Debit notes, Expense bills, Bank/Cash Book, Trial, PL and Balance sheet, One click Invoice and eWayBill.

Standard Reports

Order Status, Pending PO, Sales and Purchase Registers, Debtors Aging Report, Stock Register, Inventory Aging, GST Reports, TDS register.


Return From Customer, Stock Transfer, Increase/Decrease Stock, Return to Supplier, Stock Listing, Stock Movement, Stock Valuation, and Stock Routing.

Quick Start Assistance

It includes 24x7 support and handholding for users, training and assistance in master data, opening balance migration through excel sheets.

Select our software service that suits your business best.

From simple sales app managing leads for the micro entreprenuers, to our Expand easygrow, made for small businesses to help and hand hold them through out the process of digital transformation, to Expand smERP, our comprehensive cloud Erp for the Indian SMEs to manage your business completely online, we have the perfect software support to automate your business and grow faster.



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