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We are planning to open 18 stores and we will have POS systems connected with Expand ERP.

best erp in india
ERP Software Review

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Small team working hard. Polite, courteous, and on toes always.

best erp in india
ERP Software Review

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Expand ERP has given data and helped us to take decision on accurate information than on hunches.

Case Study

Our Best Solutions

Comprehensive ERP Solution

Duraroof Pvt Ltd implemented our ERP solution, which provided them with a comprehensive system tailored to address their specific challenges. This all-encompassing platform became a pivotal tool in streamlining various aspects of their business operations.

Enhanced Lead Management

The ERP system significantly improved lead management for Duraroof. The sales team experienced heightened efficiency in handling leads, allowing for more effective tracking, follow-up, and conversion. This enhancement played a crucial role in bolstering the company's sales processes.

Control Over Quotation and Deal Closure

With the ERP solution in place, the sales team gained better control over the quotation and deal closure processes. This newfound control not only increased the speed of generating accurate and timely quotations but also contributed to a more organized and streamlined approach to finalizing deals.

Seamless Inventory Tracking

The ERP system seamlessly handled inventory tracking for Duraroof, accommodating various units of measurement. This capability simplified the often complex task of managing inventory, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking stock levels and movement across different units within the organization.

Simplified Operations

By addressing specific operational challenges, the ERP solution simplified various aspects of Duraroof's day-to-day operations. This simplification not only reduced the complexity of tasks but also contributed to a more cohesive and integrated workflow throughout the organization.

Optimized Workflow and Efficiency

The result of implementing the ERP system was an optimized workflow that improved overall efficiency within Duraroof Pvt Ltd. Tasks were streamlined, and processes became more synchronized, fostering a work environment conducive to productivity and growth.

Contributed to Company Growth

Ultimately, the ERP solution played a significant role in contributing to the growth of Duraroof Pvt Ltd. The improved lead management, enhanced control over sales processes, seamless inventory tracking, and overall operational simplification collectively propelled the company toward increased efficiency and success in its industry.

Boost Productivity With The Best Erp For Handicraft Industry

Unlock new heights of success in the handicraft sector with our cutting-edge ERP solution. Streamline your operations and increase productivity for your business today with our cloud based erp software!

The greatest erp for handicraft industry now makes increasing productivity in the handicraft sector possible. This complete system is the best option for manufacturing enterprises because it was specifically created for exporters, shippers, and purchasing agents. It efficiently handles all export-import-related procedures that are important for organizational development.

Industries that produce handicrafts are expanding quickly and have a substantial impact on the economies of nations like India, China, South Korea, Singapore, and others. Managing a handicraft business successfully requires effective inventory management, supplier address book administration, employee database management, sales, and purchase management, tracking incoming shipments, internal product transfers inside the warehouse, and general inventory movement. These essential functions work together to power the handicraft industry's complete process cycle.

Take efficiency to new heights with the best ERP software in India designed specifically for the handicraft industry. This amazing software is created to specifically address the demands of manufacturers and artisans.

With the implementation of our ERP software in Kolkata it becomes possible to fulfill all these essential functionalities using single software, eliminating the complexities of multiple systems and significantly increasing productivity.

Reasons For Using The Best ERP For Handicraft Industry

Sales Order Tracking

Track sales orders effectively from the time they are placed until they are delivered, optimizing the fulfilment process to increase customer satisfaction.

Cost Reduction

An effective ERP solution can drastically reduce extra expenses in the handicraft sector by eliminating manual activities and minimising errors

Inventory Management

You can successfully manage stock availability for various items and prevent overstocking or shortages with real-time visibility into inventory levels.

Supply Chain Optimization

A smooth coordination with suppliers is made possible by an integrated supply chain management module. It allows for the timely acquisition of raw materials at market-competitive prices while upholding quality requirements.

Streamline Production Process

A top-notch ERP system like Expand ERP can help you optimize and automate your handicraft manufacturing processes, ensuring smooth operations from start to finish.

Financial Management Integration

Improve decision-making by seamlessly integrating financial data into the same platform as manufacturing processes to gain real-time insights into revenue streams, costs, and profitability.

Key Features Of Best Erp For Handicraft Industry

Following are some key features of the best ERP for manufacturing industry –

Inventory Management

It efficiently tracks and manages materials, raw materials, finished products, and stock levels in real-time to ensure the best inventory control.

Supply Chain Management

To increase efficiency and cut expenses, this handicraft ERP software manages suppliers, handles purchase orders, and keeps track of the entire supply chain.

Sales and Order Management

It enables precise and prompt order management for increased customer satisfaction. It also facilitates smooth sales order processing, order tracking, and fulfillment.

Production Planning and Control

It optimizes production schedules, plans resources, monitors work orders, and tracks production progress to ensure smooth operations and timely delivery of products.

Financial Management

It also handles financial transactions, manages accounts payable and receivable, produces financial reports, and maintains financial records to provide financial stability and transparency.

CRM Integration

Our handicraft software incorporates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions to control customer interactions, track customer preferences, and raise customer satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics

It produces comprehensive reports, gains knowledge through analytics, and makes data-driven choices to increase output, performance, and profitability.

Quality Control

This handicraft software solution implements quality control measures, track product quality throughout the manufacturing process, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Workflow Automation

Expand ERP system software eliminates manual errors, streamlines workflows, and automates repetitive tasks to save time and improve operational effectiveness.

Mobile Access and Integration

It integrates with other systems or applications for seamless data exchange and uses mobile devices to obtain crucial information and carry out necessary operations on the go.

Business Intelligence

This handicraft system software can make strategic decisions for business growth by using business intelligence and advanced analytics technologies to gather actionable insights, spot patterns, and formulate plans.

Scalability and Customization

Our ERP software readily scales operations to meet growing business needs and adapts the ERP system to the unique requirements of the handcraft industry.

Collaboration and Communication

To increase productivity and teamwork, Expand ERP software fosters collaboration between teams, facilitates effective communication, and facilitates information sharing.

Compliance Management

Our ERP software ensures compliance with industry regulations, tax requirements, and legal standards through built-in compliance features and reporting capabilities.

User-friendly Interface

Our production management software offers a simple and user-friendly interface that makes navigating easier, reduces the need for training, and increases user adoption.

Data Security

It implements robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data, protect against cyber threats, and ensure data privacy and integrity.

Modules Of Handicraft ERP Solution

  • Sales Management Module :

    This module handles order creation, monitoring, invoicing, and customer relationship management as part of the sales process.
  • Purchase Management Module :

    It manages procurement tasks like inventory replenishment, buy orders, supplier management, and analytics for purchases.
  • Management Module :

    It simplifies the process of creating and managing employee ID cards, which might include personal data, images, and access rights.
  • Employee Information and Payroll Management Information :

    It maintains employee records, tracks attendance, calculates payroll, and manages employee benefits and deductions.
  • Manufacturing Management Module :

    This module takes care of the entire manufacturing process, including planning for production, allocating resources, monitoring work orders, and ensuring quality.
  • Maintainance Management Module :

    To ensure smooth operations and reduce downtime, it monitors and plans maintenance chores for machinery, equipment, and facilities.
  • Quality Assurance Management Module :

    This module is use to track quality defects and quality issues. It manages inspections, implements quality control methods, tracks quality metrics, and assures compliance with quality standards.

  • Visitors Management Module :

    Visitor management modules deal with visitor registration, keep track of visitor information, and strengthen organizational security measures.
  • Warehouse Management Module :

    This module improves picking, packaging, and shipping procedures inside the warehouse as well as inventory control and stock movements.
  • Shift Management Module :

    Non-integrated systems lack real-time insight into procurement, affecting timely decisions.
  • Reporting :

    This module is designed to generate various reports, including sales reports, purchase reports, inventory reports, financial reports, and performance analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Automatic Accounting :

    It automates financial operations, like creating financial statements, general ledger, and accounts payable and receivable.
  • Project Management Module :

    A project management module makes it easier to organize projects, assign tasks, monitor progress, allocate resources, and collaborate with other team members.
  • Sample Management Module :

    It keeps track of and controls the sample request, inventory, and tracking operations.

We Understand Your Handicraft Manufacturing Business Needs

We understand how valuable and important your handicraft manufacturing business is to you. We also understand the unique challenges you face in creating beautiful handmade products. That's why we're here to help. Expand ERP has created an integrated e-commerce ERP software designed for Indian businesses like yours. Our mission is to help you in streamlining production processes, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and increasing manufacturing efficiency. Using our user-friendly software's dashboard you can easily track units like sales and export-import related data. We provide features that are simple to use and smoothly integrate into your existing systems. Let us be your partner in driving growth and success for your handicraft manufacturing business.

Benefits Of Our Erp For Handicraft Industry

Cost Effective

Our ERP system is made for handicraft products manufacturers to reduce their expenses and increase profits. You may greatly save operational costs by optimizing procedures, minimizing manual errors, and optimizing resource allocation. Our technology provides effective resource utilization from inventory management to order fulfillment, resulting in cost savings and improved competitiveness.

User Friendly

We recognize that technology should streamline rather than complicate your regular tasks. Our ERP software has a simple, user-friendly design that makes it simple for your staff to get used to and move about the system with ease. Your workers can instantly leverage the capabilities of our ERP software to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the company with little to no training.

Cloud-Based Software

Take advantage of the cloud's capabilities to transform cooperation in your handcraft business. Our ERP software runs on a safe cloud platform, providing convenient access to real-time data whenever and wherever you are. It is the best manufacturing software that lets you communicate with vendors, clients, and staff members quickly and effectively. Keep in touch while making well-informed decisions.

Extreme Support

We believe that your success is our success. That's why we provide exceptional support at every step of your ERP software journey in handicraft manufacturing. Our committed team of professionals is accessible round-the-clock to respond to your questions, offer direction, and answer any potential technical concerns.

Image Friendly

The handicraft sector is one where aesthetic appeal is everything. Our ERP software provides image-friendly features to properly display your wonderful products. It can enhance the visual experience for both your clients and internal employees by seamlessly integrating product photographs into your sales orders, sales management system, and catalogs.

Success Linked Payment

We think that our interests should be in line with your success. With our success-linked payment plan, you may confidently start the process of implementing ERP software. Pay for our services based on the results achieved, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. This strategy not only reduces financial risk but also shows our dedication to giving your handicraft company real value.

Key Capabilities Of Best Software For Handicraft Industry

The finest erp for industrial manufacturing must be capable of meeting the unique requirements of the handicraft industry. The following qualities should be present in the top ERP systems for the handcraft sector:

Quick Billing

With the use of the Expand ERP software, handicraft enterprises can quickly and accurately generate invoices, saving time and ensuring seamless financial transactions.

Maintain Transparency

Our manufacturing software systems promote transparency by providing real-time visibility into various aspects of the business, including inventory levels, order statuses, production progress, and financial data.

Easy reporting

Using expand ERP software, handicraft companies can monitor performance, measure important indicators, and receive insightful information that will help them make data-driven decisions.

Save Time

Our ERP software solution automates manual and time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, inventory reconciliation, and report generation. It saves time by minimizing administrative tasks, freeing up workers to concentrate on more important areas of the company.

Why Expand smErp Is The Best ERP Software?

The unparalleled features and capabilities of Smexpand ERP make it the best manufacturing software solutions for the handicraft business. Smexpand ERP enables handicraft businesses to seamlessly integrate their operations, resulting in improved workflows and increased productivity.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Smexpand ERP comes with cloud-based accounting software that offers safe data storage and accessibility from any location at any time.

Hardware Independent

Smexpand ERP eliminates the need for specific hardware requirements, making it compatible with a wide range of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

No Data Loss

Our software has reliable data backup and recovery processes to ensure that important data is safeguarded and may be restored in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

No Upgradation Cost

Smexpand ERP enables automatic updates that are seamless and free of charge, unlike traditional ERP systems that frequently call for expensive upgrades.

Quick Support Team

Our Smexpand ERP software is backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team. The support staff is readily available to provide rapid assistance if any problems or concerns arise, ensuring little downtime and a positive user experience.

FAQs About ERP For Handicraft Industry

What is Erp software?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software system that integrates various business functions into a centralized platform, providing real-time data and improving operational efficiency in the handicraft industry.

How Can Erp Software Help Manage Inventory In The Handicraft Industry?

ERP software offers features like real-time inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and automated reorder points. This helps handcraft companies in maintaining ideal stock levels, cut waste, avoid stock-outs, and improve overall inventory management.

Is Erp Suitable For Small-Scale Handicraft Businesses?

Yes, ERP solutions can be tailored to suit the needs and scale of small-scale handicraft businesses.

Can Erp Software Help With Order Processing?

Yes, ERP software accelerates order processing by automating activities, monitoring order progress, managing customer information, and enabling smooth order fulfillment.

Is It Possible To Integrate Erp Software With Other Existing Systems Or Software?

Yes, ERP software can be connected easily with other systems and software. This integration improves overall efficiency and data correctness by enabling continuous data flow and eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

How Can Erp Software Improve Communication And Collaboration Within The Handicraft Industry?

ERP software provides communication tools and centralized databases that enable efficient collaboration among various teams, departments, and stakeholders.

Does Erp Software Offer Data Analytics For Performance Analysis?

Yes, ERP software has built-in reporting and analytics features that let handicraft companies examine performance data, monitor important indicators, and create customized reports.

Is Erp Software User-Friendly?

ERP software can vary in terms of user-friendliness, but modern systems often have intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features.