Mobile ERP Solutions


Mobile phones have changed the business game in ways more than one. Mobility is a huge advantage businesses can use effectively with Expand ERP mobile applications.

Expand Mobile ERP solutions offer all quick-access functions required to manage important information related to businesses. It can help in managing sales leads, reduce the turn-around time of projects, and also give updates of the customer’s movement through the sales funnel in real-time.

Features Include:

Service Request: Service Request on mobile can help businesses to quickly align service engineers with customers. This helps service engineers to produce reports and receive customer feedback after the service has been rendered quickly


Warehouse Management: Warehouse management features can help in the “Pick and Put away” process to efficiently manage the warehouse with Mobile ERP Applications.


Production and Document Management: Production and document management are the best features of Cloud ERP on mobile. These have the potential to increase the productivity of the organization by a huge margin.


Dealer Management: The dealer management option provides businesses the ability to control the price and track their sales through their dealers’ network.


These ERP mobile features are designed for the users who are always on the move. With these tools at their disposal, our consumers can make efficient use of their time and enhance their productivity by a huge margin.

Key Benefits of ERP Applications on Mobile Devices for
Manufacturing Businesses

Real-time production capturing

The production manager on the shop floor can provide critical production readings without having to move from the shop floor. This will give a real-time update to the management on the production status through the mobile apps for ERP.”

Sales force tracking

The ERP mobile features are equipped to detect the location through the GPS built in the mobile hardware. This gives businesses complete traceability of every employee in the sales team. The sales team can also punch in their attendance from the location they are visiting.

Bin management

The features built into the warehouse management tool helps the user in placing the products at optimized locations. The Mobile ERP software is equipped to calculate the bin capacity and zone which allows it to cut down on the time taken to retrieve.

Camera scanner, GPS integration

Expand ERP mobile application uses the camera to capture documents for tagging with transactions, scan barcode and QR Codes of the product. The GPS integration helps in tracking all sales resources and vehicle movements of the business.

Important Features of Mobile ERP App


ERP on mobile devices allows employees to punch their attendance remotely. This allows the business to track the employee’s reporting time at the designated location and also the amount of time spent at the site.

Push Notifications and Approvals

All approvals can be made by users from the mobile phone while they are on the go. The Mobile ERP solutions also help users with important task reminders through mobile notifications. Users can stay assured that they will not miss their task and appointments.

Advance and Expenses

The Mobile ERP solution helps in the request for advance and also the submitting of tour expenses through the mobile with ease. Additionally, the user can also attach supporting documents through the mobile phone even on the move

Reports and Statements

ERP on mobile is equipped to provide information immediately. The user will not need to make calls and ask the back-office for information. The employee sitting in front of a customer can know the complete credit history on a click and negotiate with the customer accordingly.

Customer Feedback

The ERP applications on mobile devices help the service engineer in receiving the feedback from the customer in real time.