Online Shopping ERP Software

Online Shopping ERP Software

Expand smERP cloud software has an online shopping marketplace integration where the manufacturer can sell his products directly to his suppliers or through Virtual Distribution Network.

Key Benefits in Expand ERP for Manufacturer

What is VDN (Virtual Distribution Network)?

A Virtual Distribution Network or Channel is a path routed by the internet that connects a manufacturer to the end buyer safeguarding the interest of your dealer/distributor. This could be in the form of banners or links on other websites.

Why do we need VDN?

Internet marketing needs to be used as an alternative to conventional distribution as it has great potential in the future ahead, where ‘social distancing’ will become a norm that will have to be followed even after the lockdown..

How does it work?

As a manufacturer you can plan your inventory and logistics and sell your products in your personal online shop that every distributor can access and share it with their buyers. When the buyer places an order it goes to your distributor and is also available for your production and dispatch planning.

Expand smERP software system gives you a personal online marketplace for your distributors and channels to access and share with their buyers.The orders are received directly and are dispatched when production is ready.