How business is performed with ease in a lockdown with a best fit ERP software

Benefits of implementing Expand ERP

This article was published on: 1/05/20 11:35 AM

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How Business is Performed with Ease in a Lockdown with a Best fit ERP Software.

A business best ERP software can be an important saviour for your business in the post lockdown scenario. How our software solution supported our patrons to run their business with ease while remaining at home and maintaining social distancing.

“Don’t fear change. Embrace it!”

– Anthony Dangelo

It is easier said than done. We all wake up in the ‘new world created by the pandemic. Everything has changed its perspective overnight. The looming question in our mind is quite inevitably- ‘What will happen to my business?’ The global socio-economic crisis has changed the entire definition of industries, manufacturers and professionals world wide. Each one has and is going to suffer a crisis on its own level.  But, this is something which is not within our control. We can only control what is in our hands. For example, finding innovative and proactive measures to perform effectively with whatever resources we have and reach out to new methods of working.

Technology is the biggest respite. Schools and colleges have taken to online classes using apps like Zoom and educational apps like Extra Marks. Offices are establishing work from home policies and using video calls on Google hangout, Zoom, Duo etc for holding meetings and conferences. Webinars are being conducted by several professionals like talk shows and learning programmes. Cultural activities like dance and art are also being exchanged online. These are various new measures taken to continue the normalcy of life as the virus is here to stay unless and until a certified and proven vaccine is being innovated. And definitely that will take some time.

An ERP software on cloud is one of the greatest boons to organisations, large or MSMEs. Our patrons who have been using the system for a while have shared their first hand experiences with us, how the ERP software has supported them in business during the lockdown period.

“As of now we are using Expand ERP more for purchasing.

Even during this lock down our purchase people were able to contact the farmers with whom contracts were made.. as the contact nos. were available in the ERP and we are in the middle of the harvest season. Also I was able to raise new purchase orders. Also during this lock down it was a good opportunity to discuss customization and was able to navigate through the different modules to deeply study the possibilities.”



Director, Pioneer Chicory

Entrepreneurs like Mr. Kumar are already at an edge compared to others who do not use ERP softwares in their organisation at such a crisis time and can plan ahead for the post COVID 19 period, with real time data and analysis of their business.

Here is a list of reasons how an ERP software helps you to work remotely.

  • Saves costs – As mistaken that an ERP implementation is a costly speculation, from a long term perspective it is arguably unreasonable.
  • Increased productivity – Working remotely with ERP software has proven to increase productivity as employees are dedicating more quality time to analyse and research in depth .
  • Enhanced Communication – ERP system that integrates well with a smartphone or tablet makes it easier for deskless workers to carry out their jobs. It enabled deskless workers to access various information they needed from a single portal. Better correspondence will make collaboration between divisions smoother.
  • Compliance with rules – The technology exists to make it easy for companies to adhere to various regulations set by the government.
  • Streamlined processes – Complexities in businesses can cause bottlenecks, loss of productivity and even delays in accurate information. ERP solutions aid to navigate complex processes, stopping any data re-entry that is occurring, and benefitting production departments, delivery departments and facilitating order completion.


An ERP software is intuitive with a finger-friendly interface. It is highly recommended by industry insiders to implement ERP on cloud to succeed in the future market scenario.

During this period of crisis my team has been working closely with our patrons to help them understand their ERP software better and gain more insight of their own business with the data stored in the ERP system.

Expand ERP is India’s best fit ERP software on cloud for midsize manufacturers in the Export and Retail industry. Our best in class software has supported several businesses during this lockdown period.

Benefits of implementing  Expand ERP:


  • Our customers have been able to do Financial Book closing, backlog update and a deep analysis of historical data. This will help them plan ahead and measure the pros and cons post lockdown. 
  • In the Agro Industry, products were able to manage procurement from farmers uninterrupted during lockdown.
  • All business organisations could enable work from home while maintaining social distancing due to the cloud platform which enables anytime anywhere facility. Their data could be accessed even during lockdown period through the software.
  • All reports and data related to inventory could be accessed resulting in real time stock count and updates. This helped the companies to know how much inventory they have in stock and what needs to be done ahead.
  • The accounts team could access outstandings and payables and accordingly send messages to clients for payments. An automatic email or SMS is sent by the ERP software as a reminder for payment. This reduced debtors and improved cash flow in the companies.
  • The Expand HR mobile app on Android enabled attendance of employees working remotely without the use of biometrics. An employee can feed in attendance and automatically the ERP fills in the time and location for HR purposes. 
  • The ERP also helps in staying connected with the team members with ease. The whatsapp integration facilitates easy messages exchange so that employees are well informed and included of what is happening in the organisation. This is very essential to keep the morale and spirits high of the team during crisis time. 
  • Online payments are made easier with integrations like Paytm, so no lockdown can stop any payments or financial transactions in the organisation.
  • With our Virtual Distribution Network integrated in the software, manufacturers can easily reach out to the end buyers through their personal marketplace, keeping the distributors in the loop. So distribution of products can be executed online maintaining social distancing.
  • Since all data and information is stored on the software which is on the internet there is very less use of stationery. This makes it environment friendly and reduces the use of paper. Post covid, our environment will need extra care to heal soon.
  • Shipping is made easy with Blue Dart integration. The products can be tracked and delivered to the customers by the shipping company without any hassles.
  • Businesses can revise credit limits centrally to control credit in the market soon after the lockdown reopens to stay relevant.
  • The ERP can immediately suggest alternate material for production based on history data on BOM.
  • The ERP can immediately highlight potential secondary suppliers from historic data if the primary supplier is affected due to supply disruption.

Your business is as unique as you are.

Give it a process automation software that is made to fit seamlessly into your business process.

  • Made in India for India -With over 15 years of extensive R&D and market testing, we have developed a software that seamlessly fits into Indian Business.
  • Ease of Biz -Quick implementation with no business process alteration, no Capex, low customization, less training time due to user-friendly interface.
  • Complete Compatibility – Complete customisation to adapt to the specific business & continuous integration (with Whatsapp, Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify etc) with growing needs.  

These are only some of the innumerous ways that Expand ERP cloud software can help your business stay relevant and future-ready to battle this new structure of business. This is the right time to make an instant decision for protecting your dream company from drowning. My experience of over 15 years in this industry has shown a spark in this crisis time, all the more. I truly hope this article will bring value to you and your company. For any queries and feedback please leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you. Please take the business fitment test attached herewith to find your perfect ERP software partner.

Vineet Bansal


Vineet Bansal

CEO, Founder, Expand ERP

He has over 15 years of IT and management experience. He brings EXPAND ERP software for Exporters and Manufacturers to manage businesses more efficiently on Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence – the Future Brain of Technology!

Artificial intelligence at Erp

This article was published on: 15/02/20 9:26 AM

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Artificial intelligence at Erp

Artificial Intelligence  – the Future Brain of Technology!

It is wisely said, “Life can only be understood backwards but lived forwards.”

It is 2020 and we’re on the cusp of an exciting and unexplored – technological revolution. Machine learning, the process of analysing and interpreting data and statistics is paving the way for content experiences that feel ‘humanly’ intuitive and make sense with our daily needs. We see a lot of this AI behaviour in the digital market already. For instance, when I have searched for hair vitalizer on Amazon, suddenly my feeds are drowning in it- but new developments will continue to streamline and refine this process.

To an entrepreneur, “automation” is equivalent to whispering sweet nothings in our ear. Fortunately, the miracle of automation has only just begun. In the near future we will see automation in 


  1. Business operations -like understanding the exact online journey our customers have gone through before we actually speak to them.
  2. Tedious accounting processes will be easier. 
  3. HR/payroll and other administrative programs will be executed without you having to even touch paperwork.

What if it is 2030, and your only aim is to see your company listed amongst the top notch. It’s a time when you need to make certain turning-point decisions that decides the future of your company. You are uncertain about some data and calculations but you know that AI has your back. You are assured that the system won’t fail you and help you take the perfect call on your behalf. Imagine the relief and stress-free life it would be then. Therefore one must be upgraded to be at par with the changing time and generation to fit in.

With AI, machine learning and automation representing the fast approaching next frontier, companies like ours, helps seamlessly integrate business processes and pioneering the path to digital utopia.

In the cut-throat competitive market, there is hardly any scope of monopoly. Adding value to your services and strong customer relations, provide advantage over competitions. Since the 1990’s ERP Software has emerged in the technology industry where today almost 90% of the mid-sized and big organisations have implemented ERP to automate their business processes. From the traditional on-premise ERP, Cloud based software took over completely as it was more cost-effective, practical and provided more freedom to the users. 2020, set in with an extremely promising future for the coming decade with Artificial Intelligence. The latest hum in the industry is that AI is about to shape the future of ERP. How true is that we are yet to fathom. At present it is at a very nascent stage to analyse

It is highly probable that AI will soon replace jobs involving repetitive or common problem solving tasks. AI systems will be making decisions instead of humans in industrial settings, customer service roles and within financial institutions. AI is the simulation of human intelligence or logical reasoning, in machines that are developed to think and behave like humans. The goals of AI include learning reasoning and perception. AI is constantly evolving for the benefit of many different industries. Algorithms are used to structure AI- simple or complex.

This technology is currently on probation. Myriad sectors and industries will be affected by the usage of AI. For example in the healthcare industry, AI is being used for dosing drugs and different treatments in patients and for surgical procedures in the operating room. Simply speaking, AI is building flexible computers that can take creative actions that maximise their chances of success to a specific goal.

According to Gartner, 80% of technology will be built on an AI foundation by 2021!

AI undoubtedly has the potential to bring in great changes to companies where the customer and operational data is primary to the business. Once business processes are streamlined and the data is ready, incorporating AI can lead to truly optimised efficiency levels.

The impact will be most prominent in process-heavy and data -intensive sectors that have the highest dependency on future predictions. AI can quite easily aid a company to streamline large volumes of data and turn a limitation into an opportunity. It can transform systems through creativity and agility.

Artificial Intelligence – the future of Intelligent Technologies


AI is transforming the way ERP functions. ERP is already one of the most indispensable innovations in technology. ERP integrated with AI will create magic. The addition of AI in ERP Systems makes them super powerful business management tools.

How will it benefit?
  1. Enhances the forecasting capacity- With AIR it becomes easier and quicker to identify problems or obstacles even before they occur. With it’s advanced algorithms it will be able to search and analyse the large data in the ERP system, identify the trends and predict the future consequences. This enables the users to foresee and prepares in advance if any problem occurs resulting in optimal efficiency.
  2. Follows a defined set of methodology – AI run ERP systems are programmed with a set of governing rules against each action. Intelligence applies these rules to make decisions that are more accurate and prompt than humans.
  3. Provides an extensively personalised user experience through interaction and function faster.


AI integrated with ERP systems have not fully arrived yet. Nevertheless Team Expand is all set to cater to your software needs to take your organisation to its highest level.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, rightly says, “If you don’t jump on the new, you don’t survive.” 

We at Expand ERP strive each day to build our acumen in innovations in technology. As AI integrated ERP software is the need of the hour, Expand ERP is geared to make your organisation future-ready. Embrace Expand ERP software solutions for a time-tested, comprehensible, scalable, cost-effective and robust business automation software.

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