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“Digital freedom stops where that of users begins… Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be offered to a customer in trade-off between privacy and security. Privacy is not for sale, it’s a valuable asset to protect.”

― Stephane Nappo

Sure an ERP Software System is great, but is my data safe in the cloud?

This is a common FAQ asked by ERP buyers while contemplating on moving to the cloud.


Due to common misconceptions, and with wide spread myths about cloud storage some companies remain hesitant to move forward into the future.


The cloud enables greater transparency and accessibility, rapid deployment of the software across the company and seamless scaling of business functions to meet market changes. There have been a number of high profile attacks on company data in the past year, a case in point being Sony. These stories are bound to make some hesitant about switching to the cloud.

These are the top buyer misconceptions and the myths busted related to cloud ERP system:

  1. Cloud data is more prone to attack: An ERP software vendor has more expertise on data security than the average enterprise engaging its services. The physical location of the server, be it on company premises or within a cloud provider’s data center, has little relevance on the server’s potential vulnerability. The data’s security relies less on the physical location of the server and more on the security measures implemented by the center. Companies with on premise ERP have the added responsibility of maintaining its server’s security and maintenance. They are generally superior to that of the average enterprise. Thus purely in terms of data security, the cloud system is the better option for most small and medium sized enterprises.
  2. Data Residency Control: Many countries have regulations that restrict personal or sensitive data to be exported or stored in a different country. Companies that fear that their data and records may be outsourced without their consent can rest east knowing that there are legislative restrictions to prevent that. By choosing a reputable and reliable ERP software vendor who is transparent about the internal and external policies governing the relationship, the firms can be assured that their data is in reliable hands and rest easy.
  3. Rival firms with the same vendor can hack and sabotage: A persistent but unfounded concern is that a cloud based system that houses the data of multiple firms is inherently more susceptible to data hacks, leaks and attacks. In a cloud system, firms share a pool of network and storage resources, which brings about this fear, because in the business world, sharing is not about caring. Firms can be assured that the cloud providers segment and secure the servers and resources in such a way that essentially each company’s data is in their own private space, completely detached and inaccessible for others.
  4. No Cloud, No Worries!: A firm that has not opted for a cloud ERP system may smugly assume that it is safer. “My data is not stored on the cloud, it is stored on my own computer. I am completely safe!” But if the computers are connected to the internet, the firm is already on the cloud. Given that most, if not all, companies are connected to the internet, no company is perfectly safe from attacks and data theft.
  5. Data security is the sole responsibility of the Cloud Provider: The cloud ERP software vendor does manage the network security and associated tasks for the firm. However, to rely solely on the vendor for all aspects of data security is a massive folly. Internal data management and confidentiality policies, password policies, employee accessibility, user management and security training of employees are equally, if not more, important when it comes to maintaining data integrity and safety.

There are several reasons to choose a cloud based solution for your business needs. Lower costs, greater accessibility and flexibility are some of the many reasons that firms are increasingly opting for cloud-based ERP. The common myths and misconceptions regarding data security on the cloud are more fiction than fact. Enterprises looking for a suitable ERP system can be rest assured that the cloud options are safe.

Cloud ERP – The magic tool you cannot function without!

With the increase in globalisation, the demand for Cloud ERP has increased. Manufacturers in foreign trade have realised the indispensability of ERP system in order to survive in the competition. With Cloud ERP software ,manufacturers can integrate all operations from multiple locations in a unified process. According to IDC  Statistics, data resourceful industries invest heavily on the Cloud ERP. This clarifies that manufacturers and exporters globally use the Cloud to store, process and retrieve data from several locations.


Another survey states that the manufacturing sector leads cloud adoption with a staggering 45% adoption rate. IOT and Cloud have penetrated widely across the sector to process real-time data. Even in automation productivity demands overarching connectivity in the enterprise. This can only be solved by Cloud integration creating a seamless workflow.


Undoubtedly, the Cloud computing platform enables several solutions and opens up the flow of work for plenty of such bottlenecks.

The right fit will make all the difference

Every industry and every business is different. For successful implementation and operation of an ERP one needs to find the right fit for the business. The right ERP vendor who is the perfect fit for manufacturers and exporters are those who can integrate various aspects of business on the cloud. With over 15 years of R&D and market testing Expand ERP uniquely designed to cater to the manufacturers, exporters & Omni-channel retailers.

Expand Sure Shield ensures:

  • Multiple location Storage – Data is on cloud, stored in multiple location ensuring maximum safety.
  • Stored on trusted technology platform (Microsoft Azure, SDL Server)
  • 99.99% uptime (the cloud never sleeps)
  • SSL Encrypted Data Transmission – Similar technology as Net banking and thus extremely secure.
  • Private Database – each user has the private database and not a shared one as in open source ERP.

Expand ERP is India’s best-fit ERP on cloud for the Retailers & Exporters in midsized manufacturing business. It drives business efficiency with ease by perfectly fitting into the existing business process and effectively automating most complex processes, unlike many such ‘one size fits all ERPs’ which doesn’t give desired results to specific businesses. With Expand ERP one can manage his entire business completely online. To derive more details call… 09007026542