What is ERP?

What is ERP Software?

What is ERP Software? Any organisation that is goal-oriented, fast growing, systematic, digitally advanced and future ready is quite inevitably managed by an ERP software.

ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning , which in simpler words means managing or handling the mandatory resources of an enterprise. Technologically it is a term used for a software application which allows the automated integration of all business activities like orders, purchases, sales, HR/payroll, finances, warehouse and inventory records. It gives a unified view on a single system with real-time data. This results in time and cost savings which enhances your business growth and efficiency and obtaining optimal ROI.

Technology advanced businesses are indispensable without an ERP system, while fast growing MSMEs are nowhere behind in realising the impact a business has with the correct usage of such a technology boon. An ERP software can either be a traditional on-premise or the newer and more commonly used cloud based.

expand erp
expand erp

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An ERP software is the wise solution to counter several day to day challenges that businesses face. For example, inability to support a mobile workforce can be easily enabled with anytime anywhere cloud erp, or keeping track of resources and inventory is quite easily done with the software. It gives complete visibility along with clarity of thought and control of each department process and people. Enabling freedom from daily micro management, an ERP system is the right way to obtain growth.

Benefits of ERP Software

An ERP solution can be indispensable for businesses today. It’s dominance cannot be ignored or parallelled by any other system. Today ERP systems are crucial for managing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It brings order to chaos so that users at all levels can create, store and process the same data in real time and take immediate actions when needed.

It offers several benefits to organisations like:

  • Clarity

    Clarity of business data and analytics from real time data which gives an insight.

  • Reduced costs

    Reduced operational costs as business processes are streamlined and systematic

  • Enhances motivation and productivity

    Increased productivity of users sharing data which improves collaboration.

  • Reduced infrastructure cost

  • Low risk factors

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Type of ERP Deployment

There are typically 2 types of ERP software implementation


The more traditional and outdated form of ERP implementation involves a personal data centre or hardware that stores and processes the data of an organisation

Cloud Computing Platform

the newest and the most commonly used ERP system deployment method. It is also known as Saas or Software as a Service delivery model for ERP. It runs on a remote server instead of inside a company’s server room. There are no IT or infrastructure costs involved and users can access data anytime, anywhere. The cloud can reduce both operational expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses(CapEx). The organisation is always upgraded with the latest ERP software . Thus employees can focus more on value added tasks for growth and innovation instead of handling IT.

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How does an ERP work?


A technology called ‘virtualisation’ allows for the creation of a simulated, ‘virtual’ computer that behaves as if it was a physical computer with its own hardware. These virtual machines are sandboxed from one another so that they don’t interact with each other at all. Even if individual servers go down, cloud servers are always online.

How does an ERP work?

Closeout/Operation and maintenance

Causes of ERP Failures

Failure to involve affected employees in the planning and development phases.

Trying to do a lot together in the conversion process.

Failure to do enough data conversion and testing.

Business managers and owners underestimate the complexity of the planning, development and training needed.

Most importantly unable to find the most suitable ERP vendor for the specific needs of the organisation.

Expand smERP – India’s best fit Cloud ERP software for mid sized manufacturers in the Export and Retail industry.

Made in India for India

Having over 15 years of experience in the Indian business world with extensive R&D ,we understand your challenges best. The software is curated specifically keeping the Indian small and mid sized industries in mind.

Ease of biz

with hassle free and quick roll out Expand smERP gives optimal ROI. We dont ask you to alter your business process, instead we do the changes for you. There is minimal customisations required and less training time involved for it’s user-friendly interface.With Freedom Pricing costs are reduced whether operational or capital.

Compatibility Quotient

we provide complete customisations to adapt to specific needs of your organisation. With several integrated features like Whatsapp, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify etc the software is always upgraded and future ready.

Expand smERP is specially designed for your business and comes with a host of benefits.

Expand ERP Benefits

Real-time orders

We provide real-time order status to avoid shipment delays and procurement planning with vendors and container planning.

Automated email and SMS to debtors

This reduces outstanding and aging by 3 % in 6 months.

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Planning Inventory

You can plan inventory holding based on the historical and current order trend.

Expand smERP for Export Industry

With Expand smERP make your export a business a powerhouse.It provides post-shipment tracking including bills and export incentive tracking. It also initiates forward booking and packing list and CBM computation. With Expand smERP on cloud export business is made much simpler as access can be made anytime, anywhere.

Expand smERP for Retail Industry

Expand offers an effective Omni Channel ERP. It controls inventory intelligently and can manage warehouses at multiple locations.The users are informed well in advance about finished stocks so orders can be placed on time. Similarly over stocking can also be saved. As a Cloud ERP users can access the data whenever they want from wherever they are. Expand smERP also provides integrated features with marketplaces like Shopify, Magento, Amazon and Flipkart.