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Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal. Renowned for its rich history in arts and literature from the British era, Kolkata holds a special place in the hearts of Indians.It is also known as the ‘Cultural capital of India”. It is also the commercial and financial hub of East and North Eastern India.
In the 1990s as many other cities, Information Technology became a high growth sector in Kolkata and the city’s IT sector grew at 70% per annum rate that was twice the national average.Kolkata is a sector for educated, qualified and skilled technicians who are goal-oriented. Our Kolkata patrons bear testimony for more than 15 years of building trust and name in the ERP software industry.

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Development Centre

Kolkata is the Development centre for Expand ERP. The technical development team includes a host of qualified Microsoft accredited technicians who know their jobs extremely well and have implemented several ERP software in Kolkata. With their dedication and strive to work incessantly today Expand ERP has been able to spread its reach internationally.

Most prestigious Kolkata

Clients is City services

City-Service Kolkata

City Services is one of the most popular privately owned public transportation companies of West Bengal. Not only are they popular among the general public but also are favored by celebrities and VIPs.


Challenges that were solved by Expand ERP software

  • Tracking mileage and distance traveled by taxis 
  • Provided a robust booking management
  • Notification alerts were sent to customers for booking confirmation etc
  • Created an entire fleet in the year and categorised ac and non ac vehicles
  • Users could upload information through the app like quantity of fuel purchased, vehicle no etc
  • Expand ERP could map every aspect of a booking for them.
  • Users were able to send notifications regarding any trip through the system.


Thus tracking and managing a public taxi and car rental business became much easier to manage with Expand erp cloud software

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